Five Yoga Poses that Can Help You Deal with Varicose Veins

Raise your hand if you hate varicose veins. We sure hate them over here. A common aesthetic problem that might also indicate serious health issues, varicose veins are a plague we can’t get rid of. While it’s a purely cosmetic issue for most people, others experience pain and discomfort. There’s no question about it – people are ready to do anything to eliminate their varicose veins.

Pills rarely work in this case, and there are treatments that can help, but they’re too expensive. The good news is that there is a way to help yourself naturally and for free. The five yoga poses we have for you below are aimed at eliminating varicose veins while also improving your overall health.

Boat Pose

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The boat pose is an excellent way to stabilize your core and deal with varicose veins. Start by sitting on the floor and your feet firmly on it and knees bent. Now, lower your back to around 60 degrees and match that by raising your feet. Keep your balance on your bottom and spread your hands out in front. Breathe deep and in rhythm and stay in the position for half a minute.

Legs Up the Wall

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Lay down on the ground with your feet up the wall. Your bottom should touch the wall – if you feel discomfort in your lower back, you can put a towel under it. Breathe deep and try to stay calm. Stay in that position for 5-6 minutes and clear your mind. After you’re done, lay on your back for a few more minutes with your hands relaxed by your body and your palms turned up.

Forward Fold Pose

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Stand firmly in one spot, then bend at the waist with your torso and try to touch your toes. Take a deep breath of air at the top and exhale as you go down. Stay in this position as long as you can, then take a deep breath and go back up slowly.

Butterfly Pose

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Sit on the floor and bend your legs to the sides, putting your feet as close to your pelvis as possible. Keep your back straight and your feet facing each other. Stay in the butterfly position for up to 60 seconds or as long as you’re comfortable.

Hero Pose

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Kneel on the floor with your back straight. Let your feet touch your hips and let your torso lean forward. Stay in this position for up to 3 minutes.

You don’t need to do all five poses for relief. Just pick one you like the most and keep going with it. You should do it every day for optimal results. If you ask us, we’d go with the second one (legs up the wall). It’s easy for beginners and provides the ultimate varicose veins relief.