Folding a Sheet with Elastic is a Real Nightmare. Do you Know how to do that in Just 3 Steps?

Nowadays, housewives who take care of their homes will agree that there are a million things that are complicated to do at home. Of course with technology most things are easier and faster, but there are some for which neither technology nor any device can help you too much. It would be great if we could all afford to have a housekeeper, the one who would do the work for us, but unfortunately not everyone can afford it.

Of the many responsibilities that await every housewife in the home, we single out the rubber sheet which is a great invention and definitely a better option than ordinary sheets. The sheet with elastic is the most practical for every bed because it does not come out of the mattress and you do not have to fix it again every morning. Everything is great, until the moment when it is washed and ironed, so it should be folded. As practical as it is, it is difficult to fold. Folding a sheet with elastic is a real nightmare for every housewife. There are no clear edges on all sides, so their folding is more difficult than ordinary sheets. It is interesting that when we buy the sheet with elastic it is perfectly folded, and after we wash it and the time comes for us to fold it ourselves, it is an impossible mission. We are sure that all housewives will find themselves in this problem.

Here are some tips on how to fold the sheet with elastic more easily.

  • First spread the sheet lengthwise and find its ends with the inner parts of the sheet or the elastic being on the upper side.


  • Mark the corners by pulling them out at the ends of the sheet to make them easier to pick up.


  • Then spread the sheet lengthwise once more.


  • Take one end of the sheet and pull it on your hand, then take the other end that is closest to the first and pull it into each other.


  • Do the same with the other two ends of the sheet.


  • Fold the folded ends inwards towards the inside of the sheet, but only slightly.


  • Do the same folding with the other end of the sheet.


  • Rearrange the rest of the sheet to get some kind of rectangle.

Then continue to do the folding in the standard way.

This is one of the ways you can fold the elastic sheet. For even shorter folding, ie folding in just 3 steps, watch the following video.

You may not be able to fold the sheet perfectly on the first try, but try several times, we believe you will become an expert in folding elastic sheets. Then it will be interesting for you to fold elastic sheets.

However, folding an elastic sheet is not as impossible as it seems at first glance, right?