Gas Station Offers Free Fuel for Anyone in Bikini

A solid marketing strategy is the foundation of any well – designed marketing plan. Good marketing is more than half the job well done. Marketing strategy is a technique that helps the business to decide on the best use of the resources it has to achieve the set goals. The technique consists in analyzing the strengths but also the weaknesses of a company, its products and its organization. Good and impressive advertising is great for brand advertising. Sometimes it happens that the initial desire is completely contrary to the message of the marketing campaign. See below for what it’s all about.

Russia is a country with many differences. It abounds in many things from the most ingenious to the most bizarre. The Russians are people who are not afraid to cross the line of normalcy, so they surprised the world again with what is characteristic of the saying “only in Russia”. It is a type of marketing or action that is related to refueling. The management of the Olvi gas station in Samara, Russia came up with an ingenious idea. The management does not believe in bad publicity, so they decided to offer free refueling to every client who comes in a bikini. What is very likely is that most clients were expected to be women. But is that so? The initial idea of ​​the gas station management was that this offer would be taken over and realized by the Russians, but the men in the cold and famously conservative Russia showed that they could adequately respond to the challenge and get free fuel. This offer lasted only three hours, but a large number of exotically dressed men showed up at the gas station. Believe it or not men were dressed in women’s bikinis. Some of them even climbed on high heels to complete the whole “I’m going for gas” styling. So when the management of the gas station did not specify in the offer that it applies only to women, then why would not men use this offer, even though they would have to wear a bikini?

The gas station in Russia with this type of marketing or action has become a viral hit on the Internet. Naturally, the “traditionalists” did not like this ad, but one thing is for sure and that is that most of them had fun. People who were at the same gas station at that time took pictures of men in bikinis and shared them on social networks, so this offer spread really fast among the population.

The gas station attracted a lot of attention and the action related to the discount for refueling was successful. The visit to the gas station in those few hours broke all its attendance records. And of course the followers on the social networks have increased. So who would say that every ad is a good ad? This gas station in Russia is proof that every ad pays off.

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