Get Rid off Knee Pain with these 5 Exercises

People who engage in regular physical activity and who strive to have a healthy body and improve their quality of life often suffer from injuries resulting from improper movements. One of the most common injuries is a knee injury. It is important to choose exercises that are appropriate for your physical condition as well as the use of appropriate equipment. If your body is not in good condition, you can get exhausted quickly, so warming up is very important. It is important to approach the exercise step by step, ie to gradually increase the intensity of the duration and weight of the exercises, in order to avoid unwanted sports injuries.

The most common injuries that occur in athletes are as a result of strokes, injuries as a result of overload in fitness centers and as a consequence of insufficient warm-up before a competition. Most often, these mistakes are made by both amateur athletes and professional athletes without being aware of them. Insufficient warm-up before physical activity leads to muscle fiber rupture and injury. Athletes often have Achilles tendon rupture, ligament rupture, injury to the ligaments of the knee and meniscus due to improper gait, etc. If the athlete’s muscles are not warm enough and ready enough, injury can occur in any sport.

By choosing the right exercises you will avoid injuries!

5 Knee Pain Relief Exercises


  • Squat with elastic clamp

This exercise plays a very important role and contributes to the stabilization of the hip, and thus the stability of the knee. The exercise should be performed as follows, put the elastic band around the ankles so that you make a gentle resistance from the belt to the ankles. Your knees should be bent and you should be in a position to do squats. The legs should be shoulder-width apart and the buttocks should be in a squatting position.


  • Exercise for VMO

An VMO exercise is an exercise that stimulates a muscle called the Vastus Medialis Obliquus, the deepest quadriceps muscle. When you do this exercise you will notice that you are significantly less stable on the side where the knee pain is strongest. How to perform this exercise? You should lie on your back on a flat surface and raise your leg to the ceiling. It is advisable to repeat these exercises every other day for pain relief.


  • Exercise with oysters

To perform this exercise correctly, you should lie on your side in a fetal position with your hips bent at a 90-degree angle and your knees facing each other. With the arm below you, make a support under the head, and let the upper arm rest on your body or on the floor. Lift the upper knee from the lower knee, holding the heels together in the form of opening oysters. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times in 2-3 sets.


  • Raise your toes and raise your heel

In fact, it is a very simple exercise that directly affects the relief of the load on the knees. You can do this exercise on any flat surface. Simply stand in an upright position and lift your toes off the ground first, then your toes in a series of repetitions.


  • A ball under the feet

This is actually the simplest exercise you can do with a ball, glass bottle or any other round solid object. Simply sit down, place the ball under your foot and gently perform circular movements in the form of a foot massage.

Pain is a way of communicating with your body!

The body sends a message through pain. It is important to know how to recognize your pain and to see if it appears as a result of an activity and disappears after you rest or grows into chronic pain. Take care of your body and listen to the messages it sends you.