Get your Kitchen Sink to Shine Again!

The kitchen sink is the centre of our kitchen’s Universe: we are using it all the time, which makes keeping it spotless and clean next to impossible!

Furthermore, the hard water gets the sink constantly stained all over, including the area around the faucet; so even if you can somehow manage to deal with the buildup of the hard water, you should spend your time more wisely than to waste it on experimenting with different cleaning agents and chemicals to scrub your sink back to cleanliness every single day, as the process is oftentimes too lengthy and tedious and its success rate is fair to middling at best, if not next to nothing.

But despair no more, because the Internet deities come to your rescue once again, offering you a solution in the form of a common and cheap 5% white vinegar. This is an incredibly simple, yet fantastically neat trick at the same time and people who have turned to this method never went back to using those costly cleaning agents ever again. You can make this homemade cleaner yourself by dipping a cotton cloth inside a bowl of vinegar, but in order for it to have a full effect, make sure your sink is completely dry. The trick is to cover the stained surfaces with the cloth drenched in vinegar, in fact, if you want to become even more time savvy, have several cloths at your disposal, drench them in vinegar and then simultaneously put them directly on top of the stained areas. After an hour has passed, simply remove the cloths and scrub around the nicks and cracks by using the green part of an old sponge and, voilà, your sink is spotless and shiny again!

Should you encounter a particularly stubborn stain, do not despair and repeat this procedure once again until you get your shiny sink! After you have finished with the scrubbing, just let the sink dry on its own and enjoy your spotless sink.

Get a more in-depth explanation of this useful tip by watching this video: