Golden Milk: Ginger, Turmeric and Coconut Milk

Have you heard of golden milk? If you are wondering what this drink is, its ingredients are turmeric, pepper and coconut oil mixed together. It is used as a remedy for almost everything: colds, fever, skin problems… Although you can also make golden milk with soy or almond milk, the original recipe from India is with regular milk.


Can you make it at home?

Yes, and very easily.

A glass of your favorite milk: Usually, soy, coconut milk, rice milk, almond milk…
Fresh turmeric or organic turmeric powder: Fresh turmeric may not be available, so you can use the spice.


Coconut oil: Healthy coconut oil improves the absorption of healthy nutrients from turmeric.
Honey: Unsweetened golden milk may have a slightly bitter taste. Honey will sweeten it, and it will not lose nutrients.


Are all the ingredients healthy?

When it comes to plain milk, the opinion is still divided: Should humans drink milk from other mammals or not? In addition, there are several studies that have shown that pasteurization of milk increases lactose intolerance in humans.

Turmeric, of course, is great and has many benefits – cancer prevention, antibacterial properties and pain relief. It improves immunity, helps with the pain caused by arthritis and helps people with Alzheimer’s disease. It also lowers cholesterol levels.

Pepper prevents colds, breathing problems, coughs, constipation, anemia and many more.
Honey helps in digestion and purification of the body, and at the same time sweetens the drink.

What are the benefits of golden milk?

It is obvious that with such healthy ingredients, golden milk is really good.

▪ Reduces pain and inflammation

Turmeric, pepper and healthy fats in coconut oil work together against pain and inflammation.
▪ Helps with digestion and weight loss

Turmeric reduces acids, and coconut oil helps with that. Pepper helps absorb nutrients and prevents constipation.

▪ Great for the heart

All the ingredients of golden milk help in heart health. They lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
▪ It is good for diabetics

Turmeric and coconut oil help the body regulate insulin levels.

▪ Improves brain function

Ingredients are converted into food for the brain. Golden milk helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease, improves memory and reduces the symptoms of depression. Golden milk is also good for stress because turmeric stimulates happy thoughts.

▪ Strengthens immunity

This drink will not only help you fight infections, but will also improve your entire immune system.

▪ Helps in weight loss

The combination of these ingredients speeds up the metabolism, reduces hunger and helps burn fat in the body.

▪ Prevents cancer

Research is still ongoing, but so far it has shown excellent results in preventing cancer.


Are there any side effects?

While turmeric is a great spice, it still has its downsides. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you can not consume golden milk. Also the active ingredient in turmeric may react with some medications. People who are expecting surgery, are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is best to consult a doctor.


What kind of turmeric is best?

The spice that we all know is obtained from the root of the turmeric plant. This root can be washed and squeezed to get the perfect golden milk extract. However, when fresh root is not available, feel free to use the spice.


When is the best time to consume?

The benefits are most felt at night, about an hour before bedtime. This will speed up digestion before bed, reduce stress and improve your sleep.