Grow your Own Avocado Tree

It is truly a rare sight to see an avocado tree growing if you are not living in the USA (Florida and California) or in Mexico or Central America. Plenty of people have tried growing it on their own, but unfortunately they have never succeeded. But even though it is a challenge, do not give up.

The avocado tree can grow to astonishing 70 feet in height, bearing leaves that are from 5 to 10 inches long, and have small, green-yellow flowers. The fruit of the avocado is from 4 to 9 inches long, it has the shape of a pear, and the weight from 4 oz to 34 oz. It contains one single big seed in the middle of it.

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But it you want to grow your own avocado tree, do not worry, it will not grow that tall. The main trick to growing an avocado tree is to take the pit from an overripe avocado. You can find this sort of avocado in some stores, who even put it on display for you. Now, when you have it, just follow the simple instructions below.

  • Take the seed out and wash all of the greens that remain from the fruit.
    Dry the seed by gently tapping it with a towel.

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  • Take three toothpicks and stab the seed gently in about 1/3 of their height.
  • Take the seed and place it a pot filled with tepid water, pointing up.
  • The pot or jar should be placed in a warm place, but keep it out of direct sunlight.
  • Check the water level often to make sure that at least an inch of the seed is in the water.
  • Then, after about a month to 6 weeks, the seed will split. From the top, stem will sprout, and from the bottom, roots will start to grow. If you do not notice this change, then throw the seed away and buy another avocado to start the process all over again.

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  • When the stem reaches the growth of about 6 inches, cut it down to three inches to make it stronger. As the time goes by, there will be more roots and more leaves.
  • After about three weeks more you will have to plant your little avocado seedling. Take a medium sized flower pot and fill it with enriched soil an inch to the top. Make a small hole in the middle and put the seed in. Of course, make sure that the top of the seed is above the level of the soil and that the stem it straight up.
  • The watering part is the usual, make sure that the soil is not muddy, but it is moist.
  • Finally, put the pot somewhere close to the window, for it loves sunlight.

Okay, now when you have all of it done, let’s just remember a couple of important things:

  • the avocado loves sunlight and will grow bigger if exposed to it
  • when you water it, do it lightly. If the leaves are starting to turn yellow, it means you are overwatering it
  • if the leaves start to get a little brown and fry, this means that the soil has too much salt in it. Take some water, let it run freely through the pot and then just drain it.

When your little avocado tree grows up to 12 inches, cut it down in half to 6 inches, for this will make it grow on each side and grow more leaves. Then you will have your avocado tree. The fruits will start growing within 7 to 15 years. Final note – because this variety makes it a home plant, the fruits may not grow in the same size and be of the same taste.