Have you Ever Wondered what an 187 Square Foot IKEA House would Look like?

You may not have imagined that you could live in a small house with only 187 square feet, but when you look at this little house you will fall in love with it immediately. Even more incredible would be the thought that such a small house could be comfortable and warm. In collaboration with three other companies, Vox Creative, Curbed and Escape, IKEA has built a mobile self-sustaining house with only 187 square feet, but you will immediately want to live in it. The team managed to renovate the small house.

The space is very well organized and in each piece of furniture there are drawers that can be used for storage, and all the furniture is from IKEA. Eco-friendly items such as solar panels, a portable hob, a water-saving sink, kitchen cabinets made from recycled plastic bottles were installed in the house. The house is made of sustainable and recycled materials, and can be easily adapted to any environment. The house has a double bed, a small two-seater, a kitchen with a work table, an oven and a hob, as well as a refrigerator. Normally, the house is equipped with a small bathroom with a shower. With this type of house, this team proved that not too much money is needed for ecological construction of a home. Although the house has only 187 square feet, the ingenuity of the interior will make you feel like in a much larger space. The house looks great from the outside and has a dark shade, and it has wheels and can be attached to a larger vehicle, such as a caravan. Because self-sustainability is important, the house is equipped with solar panels and a chemical toilet. From all this in the end the team made a small house that is beautiful, but in addition it is sustainable and affordable. Since it is still a house where you can live permanently, the price is a bit higher – about 63,000 dollars. According to the website of one of the companies, there is an opportunity to pay in installments.

IKEA and Vox completed this mobile home in March 2020, so they wanted to present this house with a tour of the United States so that people could see it up close. However, due to the Covid 19 pandemic that swept the world, their plans changed. A great alternative is the 360 virtual tour that can be viewed online. The website also has tips on how to start a life in a small house, as well as the opportunity to buy IKEA products that are in this small house.

We believe that there are many proponents of the minimalist lifestyle. Buying such a small house and living in it, will be a real adventure for you. The advantage of this house is also its mobility. So when you get bored of the dynamic and stressful life in the city, you can move with your home to a quieter place. Sounds great, doesn’t it? This minimalist house from IKEA is a radical novelty in the innovation market.