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Here Are All The Benefits Of Fermented Garlic (Recipe)

We’ve mostly been using garlic as a part of our meals because of its aroma, but did you know that it has been used by numerous people like the Babylonians, Romans, Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks because of its medicinal properties? If you try to eat garlic constantly, it will help you treat some of the most dangerous illnesses and diseases, like: cancer, stroke, heart problems and various infections.

Garlic belongs to the same group of vegetables like shallots, leeks and onions. The separate parts of a garlic bulb are known as cloves.

Garlic contains compounds with sulfur. It also contains thiosulfinates who have allicin as their main part. It also contains saponins, potassium, vitamin A, sulfur, iron, phosphorus, B complex, manganese, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, vitamin C, etc.

Numerous studies have been performed on raw garlic which prove its amazing benefits, but there are only several performed on fermented garlic.

When garlic is consumed raw, it can be a bit spicy for the taste and cause a pungent breath odor. That is where fermented garlic can help you.

Benefits Of Fermented Garlic

The texture and taste of fermented garlic are really unique, but also their properties are amazing.

The nutritional value of fermented garlic is even higher than the one of fresh garlic. The process of fermentation increase the bioavailability and the health promoting of garlic. Our body becomes able to digest all of the nutrients the garlic has.

These are some of the best benefits fermented garlic has to offer:

When the process of fermentation appears beneficial bacteria consume all of the amino acids and the sugars. Lactic acid becomes produced by this process that is easily supported by our digestive tract.

Hydrogen peroxide also becomes created in very high levels and all of the harmful microorganisms, fungi, viruses and bacteria become eliminated.

There are also greater antioxidant activities in fermented garlic.

You Can Prepare Fermented Garlic At Home:

The process of preparation is very fast and the recipe is very simple!


  • Some fresh or dried herbs that you prefer
  • Apple cider vinegar or Brine (1 tablespoon of sea salt combined with 1-pint water )
  • 5-6 heads of garlic



Take the garlic cloves and peel them carefully. The garlic cloves need to remain intact. It shouldn’t be cut, because in that way, you’ll release the allicin, which is the ingredient that is the most beneficial to our health.

Take a clean canning jar and put the garlic cloves inside along with the brine (or ACV) as well as the herbs.

The jar should be left to rest at room temperature for a period of 2 or 3 weeks.

It becomes more powerful the more you keep it. There are people who leave it like that for several years. Still, the lids have to be opened from time to time because pressure needs to be released in the jars. When you’re sure that it’s ready, you can put it in your cellar or in the fridge so that the process of fermentation is stopped. The time period for the fermentation will depend on the season as well as the climate. It will be faster if it’s warmer.

You can try it every week and eat the garlic raw. You can also add it into cold dishes, dips, salads etc.




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