Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

The 20th and the 21st century are times in which we strive towards discoveries. Cures for deadly diseases, healthier foods – overall, things that improve the way we perceive our health. I am glad to say that the Himalayan salt has been one of these “discoveries”. People have been using it for quite some time now, but are probably not familiar with the fact that it is not only edible, but also is able to find its way to enter our homes and to influence our health, in various other forms. Let us explore some of its advantages.


Ever thought “God, I need a vacation” or “Just one getaway weekend to a nice, quiet place”? People that are coping with the stress that everyday life offers, often tend to dream of faraway lands where water runs freely and the sound of the wind soothes you down. Let me tell you a secret. These calming landscapes produce negative ions, which luckily, can be interpreted in our homes, with the help of a Himalayan salt lamp. Its power to create sooth, calming atmosphere is larger than you can imagine.

So, if there really are these negative ions, your guess (and a good one) is that positive ions exist too. Unfortunately for us, these positive ions are not so positive for our health after all. They can be found in basically anything electronic, such as smartphones, TVs, microwaves etc., causing the body to exhaust quickly, and also being the cause of insomnia, headaches etc., causing potential severe health problems. What these positive ions are releasing is called “electronic smog” and they are doing a lot of damage to us. The WHO (World Health Organization) encourages people to take this as a serious alert and advises people to be more precautious. So, what needs to be obtained here is a balance, and this can all be done by planting more negative ions around.


And how to do that? Negative ions are found in soothing places in the nature, such as the beach, the mountains, by a river. Obviously, one cannot create a beach in their home. Well, here is where the Himalayan salt comes in. It produces negative ions which, taking into consideration all the positive ions circling in our homes, are crucial in improving our day-to-day life. Himalayan salt lamps are the way to go. With a little bulb that fits inside, not only do they give us the light, but they also provide us with health.