How to Clean your Home from Negative Energy?

The home is a privacy for the people who live in it. Home is not a place that is intended only for everyday things like resting, cooking, watching TV, but it is a place where we create our life, our habits and thoughts for every day that is in front of us. At home it is important for every person to feel comfortable and warm, there should always be positive energy and a relaxed atmosphere. For everything to be as we have described, then you should follow a few rules and rituals that will help you maintain harmony and balance.

Follow Feng Shui home decor techniques

Feng Shui is a kind of art and science for living and working in a well-arranged environment. According to Feng Shui, the universe is a kind of vast energy field, and it is Feng Shui’s job to study this energy and how it affects us. Feng Shui techniques involve the general arrangement of the home. What does that mean? This means that every work in the home has its own way of sorting so that every work will find its place, it means getting rid of things in the home that you do not need and that are also not working, as well as what you do not have like it and do not use it anymore.

Get rid of old and unnecessary things

If you want to clean your home from negative energy, the first step is to get rid of unnecessary things that are in your home, as well as tidying up the mess. That way you will do energy cleansing. This way you will get rid of all the accumulated negative energy, bad thoughts, stress, emotions and events from the past that evoke bad memories. You should know that everything that happens in the space around you somehow transfers its energy to the walls, furniture and all the objects that are in the home. Sometimes you can feel the negative energy that surrounds your home. If you often feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable, exhausted or have a hard time finding something in your home, then these are definitely the signs that tell you that it is time to get rid of all unnecessary things in your home.

Play loud music

The home can also be cleansed of negative energy through music. Play loud music and relax. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, the noise coming from loud music can drive away negative energies. Positive spiritual music with its rhythm and strong messages influences so that the negative energy gradually decreases until it finally disappears completely. This music not only positively affects your space, it also affects the soul by arousing positive thoughts and emotions.


Clean the exterior

As important as it is for the interior to be cleaned of unnecessary things, it is just as important for the exterior to be neatly tidy. The exterior also has an impact on the negative energy, so it should be tidy and organized. Flowers with which you can decorate your garden in different colors and create your place for enjoyment and relaxation will help you to get rid of negative energy.

In such a space you will feel relaxed and you will have a nicely arranged space in which you can enjoy the positive energy together with your friends.

How to clean your home from negative energy with burning sage?

Sage belongs to the Salvia plant family and is derived from the Latin word salvere, meaning “to heal”. If you are new to this practice, you can get everything you need online or at a local physics store. If you are sensitive to smoke, there are also options for cleaning the cleaning fog, so that anyone can practice this technique.

What you need: a sage burner, sage, long match and a burning tool. It is important to open a door or window in the room where you will be smudging because you need to provide a way out of the negative energy.


  • Determine exactly what you want to free your space from and decide on a mantra or prayer to repeat. You can come up with your own mantra or you can read from a book. The following sentence is most often used as a mantra: “I let go and release what no longer serves me”.
  • Once you are ready, light the long match with the sage and hold it at a 45 degree angle. Let the sage burn for about 20 seconds, then gently blow out the flame, so the smoke will increase.
  • Move slowly through your space and let the smoke spread around. Move towards the window or door in order to expel the bad energy with the smoke. Stay a little longer around the mirrors, corners and in the hallways, because that’s where the negative energy is stored the most.
  • Finally extinguish your sage in the firebox until the smoke subsides. It is important not to use water to extinguish the sage as this will destroy the tip of the stick and make sanctification difficult the next time.