How to Motivate yourself to Exercise?

The phrase: “In a healthy body – a healthy spirit”, you must have heard countless times. With this modern and fast pace of life, it is difficult to force ourselves to make changes in our routine. It is even harder to find motivation to persevere in implementing certain changes. If you have set goals with which you want to eat healthier, exercise regularly, to improve your appearance and your health then surely you need someone who will monitor your results.

Something should remind you that you have a goal, when you relax and motivate you when you start to neglect. On the other hand, constant vigilant monitoring of physical activity can easily make you feel bad and anxious during periods of inactivity or when progress is not going as you expect. Although activity tracking devices are aimed at personal improvement, constant monitoring can lead to demotivation.

Here are some tips on how to successfully establish and maintain healthy habits and get the most out of following your fitness routine for motivation and fast progress without anxiety.

Set yourself a series of smaller but achievable goals

Motivation is the key to success and that is why it is important to motivate yourself properly. Of course, we all know the health benefits of exercise, but the fight begins when we want to exercise regularly. Sometimes you are tired, you do not enjoy training, and very often other areas of life become your priority so you do not have time for yourself. The solution to this is to set a series of smaller, achievable goals that are easier to follow and will more easily lead you to the desired changes and you will more easily achieve your ultimate goal. Setting SMART goals helps on the road to success. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. This means that if your goal is to run 5 km, set a goal to run 5 minutes without stopping, regardless of speed and kilometers traveled. You need to be realistic and honest with yourself and keep in mind that your whole being can change and that there is nothing wrong with that. You also do not need to pay attention to social standards of what your body should look like, but you should focus on the steps that lead to change. When you start thinking this way, you will start to see the numbers in a different light and you will strive to achieve your goals without discouragement and demotivation.

Smart devices as a motivational tool

Smart watches with many features to monitor your physical activity are becoming more common. They have become faithful companions and technical devices that serve as motivation. Analyzing data on how much you move, sleep or rest is interesting, but at the same time it awakens your awareness of how active or not you are. This motivates you to exercise and take steps to ensure better sleep and improve your quality of life.


Find an activity you want to do

If you do not enjoy the training, the chances of you going back to them are very small. If you try to find the exercises that you like or the activity that you want to do, it will all be much easier for you. You have a wide range of activities: Pilates, yoga, aerobics, weightlifting, cycling, cardio … We often allow expectations to shape our workouts and focus on what we think we should do, not what we do. we want. There are various fitness programs available on your smartphone that can serve as a training guide with exercises that suit you and that you want to do.

Exercise with friends

Everything is easier in company or at least with someone else who will be your support. There are many benefits to exercising with friends. In the first place is motivation and responsibility. There will be a little friendly competition between you which can be fun and lead you to more significant results.

“Free” days – an opportunity to switch off

Of all the responsibilities you have during the day, it is normal for you to sometimes miss a day of exercise. There is nothing wrong with that, until it becomes a habit. It is therefore a good idea to give yourself permission to turn off your activity monitor and notifications. If you know you will not walk much, exercise, or even move around, for example if you are preparing for a test or not feeling well, turn off all scheduled notifications on your smart device. That way you will focus on what should be your priority, and that is your well-being.

Plan your vacation days

Everyone needs a break, from everything, especially from daily responsibilities, even from the hard or less hard trainings. For success on the road to a healthy life, it is necessary to plan both useful and motivating vacation days on your calendar. Think about the rest days that are a necessary part of training, which allows the body to recover from hard work. Use your free time to spend in nature or on the beach, depending on the time of year and the possibilities, so that you will relax completely and recharge your batteries for all the obligations that await you.