How to Use Aluminum Foil as a Substitute for Dryer Sheets?

The usage of dryer sheets often leaves residue on your clothes, which is why many people are trying to find some more effective alternative to soften the clothes. One way to prevent any residue on the clothes is to replace the dryer sheets with aluminum foil. By putting this inexpensive foil into your dryer machine, your clothes will become very soft and, they will be free from any static cling.

Soften Your Clothes with Aluminum Foil Balls

There are numerous uses for aluminum foil. One of the most surprising ones is that this foil can be a great replacement for dryer sheets. The best thing about the aluminum foil is that it doesn’t cause any static cling, which is not the case of dryer sheets.

If you want to replace the dryer sheets with aluminum foil, you should make three balls of this foil. Each ball should be made of about three square feet of aluminum foil. While making the balls, you should roll the foil as tightly as you can. After rolling the foil, you will get balls which are about 3 inches in diameter. When you are done, you can put the balls into the dryer.

The aluminum balls are a much safer alternative to the dryer sheets. Unlike the dryer sheets, they are absolutely free of any toxic chemicals and, they prevent any static buildup, which can be a huge issue, especially in the winter months. The aluminum foil is very cheap and, you may use the same aluminum balls for about half a year. The aluminum balls will speed up the drying process and, they will provide you with soft clothes.