If you can Connect the Thumb and the Little Finger that Means Something Special

The human kind has existed for so long, and never have we ever discovered what makes us so special. At least not until now. We went through a lot of evolution steps to end up where (and what) we are.

Because there were marks left all throughout the development of humans, there are now people who are actually studying those traces we left while developing. Some of the traces are still within us, and here are the most interesting ones:

– When you put your arms on the table, palms upwards, and connect the thumb and the little finger the tendon is sometimes showing, and sometimes it isn’t. This is because of the muscle palmaris longus,which is positioned between the upper arm and wrist. Because it has not function whatsoever, it is not visible anymore with about 13% of the world population.

– There is a pink corner at the corner of the eye, and you have probably noticed it, but never gave much thought into what is it for. Well, it used as a third eye, to keep the eye as safe as possible when closed, as a protective layer. Now it does not have any function because humas have developed eyelashes.

– What is now a predisposition in cats, but was also a part of the humans, is the wiggling of the ears. Not only it improved the hearing, but it also made the humans adjust to a certains sounds and recognize the danger better. Now some people only do it to make a joke.

– Has anyone ever wondered what wisdom teeth are for, when we end up taking them out anyway? This is because a long time ago, humans dhew a lot of roots and solid foods, so they needed strong teeth, and definitely more teeth. But as the food softened, the jaw became smaller. Almost all of the monkeys nowadays don’t have their wisdom teeth, only the gorillas.

– And finally, why are we getting goosebumps? In the past, when people actually had more hair, it served a great purpose. When the hair was standing straight, more heat was stored. This was even used in dangerous situations – when the hair stood upright, the human seemed bigger and more difficult to cope with to the opponent.

If you find this hard to believe, just remember that plenty of animals, including the domestic cats are a living proof.