Jimmy Carter – The Oldest Living President of US History

Jimmy Carter is an American philanthropist and politician. He was born in Plains, Georgia on October 1, 1924 and is 97 years old. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1946 and was a member of the US Navy in his youth. His family had their own family business – growing peanuts. His father’s death was the reason he left the navy and returned home to take over the family business. His father owed him a lot of money, so even though Jimmy inherited the family business, paying off the debts and sharing the property with his brothers did not leave him much capital. However, his desire to improve his family business is slowly coming to fruition. Carter served as a senator for the state of Georgia from 1963 to 1967, and four years later became governor of Georgia untill 1975.

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Carter was considered an outsider in high politics, with the very fact that he was not known to the public outside his country except in his home state of Georgia. However, he recorded his greatest success in high politics with a narrow victory over the Republican candidate Gerald Ford. In his tenure, Carter differed significantly from his predecessors. Carter advocated for human rights as the most important foundation and standard for international relations. Carter was the initiator of the peace talks between Israel and Egypt. His term is shattered by the advent of the Iranian revolution and the Islamic regime. They resisted the US government and that is why in 1979 the price of oil increased enormously, which also affected the weak US economy and Carter’s reputation. Carter worked hard to beat high inflation, but without much success. Carter is the only American president who has combined politics with morality. He left a reputation as a peacemaker and received support from around the world to fight aggression and restore peace to the planet. One of Carter’s greatest achievements is that in 1994 he reached an agreement with the North Koreans to give up the development of nuclear weapons, and as an interesting fact we note that he is the only American president who managed to visit North Korea. Carter is also known as a major critic of US domestic policy. Also in 2019, Carter surpassed George H. В. Bush as the longest-serving US president in US history.

Former President Jimmy Carter Lives In A $ 167,000 House And Shops At The Dollar General

As interesting facts about Jimmy Carter, we single out the fact that he is a millionaire who lives a rather frugal and modest life, it can even be said that he lives a cheap life. Carter once enjoyed the luxury of the White House, but Carter’s current home looks completely different and more modest. His 2-bedroom residence is located on the outskirts of Plains, Georgia, and is valued at just $ 167,000. Carter maintains extremely low costs in his household, drinks wine from cheap brands, eats on paper plates, markets in his local Dollar General store. It is interesting that Carter lives such a modest life, when the amount of his pension is 210,700 dollars as well as an additional amount of 230,000 dollars total compensation. This amount allows him to enjoy a huge amount of luxury, but it seems that Carter does not agree with such a luxurious lifestyle. Carter also has additional income from his books that he has published over the years, as well as from children’s books. But he said: “It has never been my ambition to be rich.”

Carter is still active today, although he is retired. Despite various injuries as well as the brain tumor and liver tumor he managed to beat, he still works and helps the vulnerable categories of citizens. He and his wife Rosalyn have built more than 4,000 homes in 40 different countries around the world. His goals of spreading morality and showing humanity do not stop and he continues in his humanitarian missions. He does not give up despite his age and illness. His work should be a motivation for all young people.