Johnny Depp’s Big – Screen Return is Coming

The center of media influence around the world has been occupied by Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in the last few months. Their divorce lawsuit and trial followed the whole world. Dramatic quarrels, disgusting moments and any other dirty laundry came to light during the trial. Public opinion was divided, with some unhesitatingly believing in Depp’s innocence, the Pirates of the Caribbean favorite character of all time, and the rest sympathizing with Herd’s tears. However, in the end Depp managed to prove his innocence. Amber will pay Depp $ 15 million in damages, according to the jury in its statement, on various counts and items of the indictment. But Amber also won $ 2 million in the fight against Heard.

Johnny Depp’s new theatrical film

Johnny Depp will get his role in a French drama in which played by Louis XV. It is a French drama starring Jeanne Bécu, played by Maïwenn, who was born poor but later became the mistress of King Louis XV. Louis XV ruled France for 59 years, but then lost his popularity after being accused of debauchery and corruption. Filming for the play will begin this summer at the Palace of Versailles. The events in Depp’s life are identified with the story of the French drama. His popularity plummeted during the trial of his ex-wife Amber Heard, who sued him for domestic violence. Depp then lost his role in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 because of these allegations. Carino said the decision was made due to internal agreements and talks between colleagues and the studio director. He believes that because of those events he had a boycott by Hollywood. Maybe Hollywood does not consider it its duty to explain its decisions. It is also symptomatic that Disney severed ties with Depp a week after the publication of the text where Amber accused Depp of domestic violence, although she did not mention his name anywhere, it was still initiated that it was him. Depp’s reputation began to plummet.

Johnny Depp movie comeback

The media has reported that Depp will get his comeback on the movie screen starring in Вeetlejuice 2. Fans have flooded social media with this claim, because they noticed that Johnny Depp’s name for the upcoming movie Вeetlejuice 2 appears on the list of actors. to come out in 2025. In addition to Johnny, the list also includes Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder, who are rumored to be reprising their roles in the original 1988 horror comedy directed by Tim Burton.

Fans have unanimously stated that they will be overjoyed to see their favorite character in the sequel to Вeetlejuice 2, especially after the grueling trial and media torture that Depp has endured over the past few years and after finally proving he is not a bully. Whether Depp will return to the movie screen with Вeetlejuice 2 remains to be seen.