Just Burn a Bay Leaf in your House and See the Results

There are many spices which, other than their use in the kitchen, can be used for medical and health purposes. One of these spices is the laurel leaf. As an addition to this, further down this article you can find which ingredients you need to make an oil with curable properties, it’s characteristics, and how to prepare it.

The laurel leaf has many hidden properties. It can give strength to the immune system, reduce pain, calms down the nervous system, increases the sweating process. Also, it can help if you have trouble with varicose veins and pain in the joints, and improve your overall mental activity.

How to prepare it?

It takes about two weeks to make this marvelous oil. You will need 250 ml of olive oil and 30 grams laurel leaves. Mash the leaves carefully and dip them into the oil. Put the oil in a glass bottle and shut it tight. Leave it on a dark and cool place for 14 days. Afterwards, strain the oil and transfer it into another bottle, and it is ready to use. Also, after you strain it, you still need to keep it in a dark and cool place.

How to use it?

For joint pains, take a little oil, heat it up and gently rub it on the sore spots. Additional usage of this oil can be found if you have troubles with your ear, migraine, massage your temples with the oil if you suffer from a severe headache, and use it if you want to treat your inflamed lymph ulcers.
The laurel oil can improve your apetite, it can even (and this is unbelievable) replace the aspirin, for it has the ability to lower the temperature of the body.

Want to normalize the function of the kidney and the liver, or eliminate the pain in the intestines and stomach? Laurel oil can help with all of this. It can boost up your entire immune system, make you prone to infections, and can even solve your skin problems, because it can get rid of blackheads and acne.
Expanding the use to a not so medical purpose. It is even believed that writing a wish on a laurel leaf and burning it can make your wish come true.

So, the next time you’re looking for a powerful remedy, just turn to your kitchen for help.