Kindergarten Teacher Makes a Comfortable Invention to Help Low – Income Students

Early childhood is the most critical stage of human development. It begins before birth, when the child’s body and brain are formed, and through early childhood when key connections are established and key developmental processes are achieved, up to preschool age and the transition to the early grades of school. Throughout that period, the main role is played by all the people involved in the child’s life. All good and bad habits, all moral values ​​the child learns from the people who are here to bring him up and lead him on the right path. Apart from the parents, the key role in all this is played by the kindergarten teachers in the first years of the child’s life.

Vanessa Bateman and Heather Malick are kindergarten teachers who face all kinds of challenges every day in the kindergarten where they work. They created a project called “Comfort Project” which aimed to make a closet that will have clothes, shoes and toiletries and will be located in their kindergarten. This closet can be used by students from the youngest age up to eight grade students.

How did these teachers come up with this idea and what is the purpose?
Bateman explains that she noticed how often it happens in the store to buy things for her children, things that are not necessary or things that she buys out of habit even though she has a whole bunch of shampoos, soaps or the like at home. This is how the idea came about, that every parent could donate a piece of clothing or toiletries to those children whose parents have a lower income. The goal was simple, parents should participate in filling the closet by donating personal items. After the story of this Comfort Closet spread, there were individuals who offered to voluntarily donate clothes or shoes and the like. Bateman says this Comfort Closet is designed to help low – income students.

We are sure you will agree that this is a great humanitarian act that will benefit everyone. At the same time, the humane side of teachers Vanessa Bateman and Heather Malick is shown, and on the other hand it is a great act that will encourage the children from the kindergarten and all others involved in this project to be humane and help whenever they can.

This act clearly shows the concept of cooperation that children should be taught from an early age. When a child is shown how to share things and cooperate with others, it is actually directed to be persistent. It also shows children how important teamwork is. Children learn that it is important to work in a team, how to respect other people’s opinions, to be able to listen and cooperate. Children who learn this at an early age will find it much easier to integrate into society in later years. Children learn that differences should be respected, and this approach is essential to a child’s development because they understand that there should be no prejudice or rejection. These teachers taught the children that it is important to understand that each friend is special in their own way, that material and financial situation is not important, that everyone has a different culture, belief or ethnicity.