Lip-Reading Method for Improving your Pronunciation

Lip-reading is a method of understanding the speech by observing the lip movement, the expressions, and the gestures of the speaker. Apart from providing you with an opportunity to effectively communicate with hard of hearing persons, this method allows you to improve your social and communication skills because it enables you to become aware of many other cues besides the uttered words. According to Dave Spencer, the author of Gateway, the lip-reading technique is very effective in learning the pronunciation of newly acquired vocabulary.

Lip-Reading Exercise for Practicing ESL Pronunciation

When learning a foreign language, the focus is mainly placed on writing, reading, and listening, while the emphasis on the pronunciation of the words is put on a much lower level. Dave Spencer, a secondary school teacher, shares teaching tips that will make the classes more entertaining and motivating, the students more attentive, and the learning more effective. One of his tips is to learn the pronunciation of the new vocabulary by practicing lip-reading. By doing this, the students will focus on correct positioning of the mouth, the teeth, and the tongue, which will help them to utter the words correctly. Here is a video showing a lip-reading exercise for improving the pronunciation.