Little Bumblebees Fell Asleep in Colorful Flowers with Pollen Specks on Their Tushies

Bees are magnificent little creatures and an indispensable part of nature. Can you imagine a world without them? If one morning we woke up and discovered they were gone, I don’t think the world will ever be the same. They’re not just important for our nutrition but also play a huge role to the environment.

Did you know that one third of our food production depends on animals to pollinate crops? Bees are one of the most important pollinators and they take part in almost every part of our ecosystem.

Bees support the growth of trees, flowers and other plants which in turn serve as food for other living creatures in nature and that’s how the food chain goes. If one link from the chain is broken or missing, everything will go down in chaos and disarray. Bees are part of that vital food chain and with their help a number of other species are able to thrive and survive.

But despite it all, the bee population on a global level is declining at a very alarming pace. Their numbers are dropping more and more every day and it seems that there’s nothing we can do to help. There are multiple factors that contribute to their numbers becoming lower than ever, including infections, pesticides and parasites. Climate change is another factor that plays a huge role as it leads to some flowers blossoming earlier or later than usual and their food source becoming fewer. Fast-paced development leads to bees losing their habitat and that’s part of the problem too. Then we have the CCD or the colony collapse disorder which kills bees all over Europe and the US and no one seems to be the wiser as to what’s causing it. Many say that pesticides are at fault as they’ve destroyed their resistance. Now they’ve become weaker and unable to protect themselves against the infections and parasites that are killing them. It’s crucial that we do something to protect this very important species in our ecosystem because if they don’t survive, our survival is at risk as well.

And now on to some brighter topics and bumblebees, the cutest little bees in existence. They’re one of the hardest working bees and their shape, size and vigorous vibrating ability they’re highly effective at pollinating some crops.  But as hardworking as they may be, even they need to rest and catch a breath from time to time. And it seems that in those little moments of refreshment, they are at their cutest. Photographers have captured them napping inside flowers and they’re cute as a button.

On the photos below you can see these tired little bees fallen asleep in their flowers with little specks of pollen all over their tushies. They’re simple adorable and incredibly cute.

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