Logic Test: Which of These Three Men Carries the Most Weight?

Let’s test your power of logical thinking. Check your logic and your perceptual abilities through this test. Tests of this type are good for developing most of our senses. By solving such tests, different centers in our brain are activated, and in that way we activate the brain and maintain its vitality and health. It is good from time to time to dedicate ourselves to solving such and similar tests, in order to maintain the health of our brain. It is clear that if any organ in our body we use it little or if it is possible not at all, it will weaken and stunt. That is why it is good to shake the brain from time to time with such puzzles. These tests are also a great way to test your intelligence. In particular, this test will show your logical thinking skills. It will show you how well you use your logic.
What is your task in this test? Below you will find an illustration showing three men carrying a load on their shoulders. The two men hold both ends of the load, while the third man is in the middle and holds the middle of the load. Your task is to find out which of these three men carries the most weight on their shoulders?

Take a good look at the illustration. Pay attention to all the details on it. Think well, analyze the three men, their position, their posture and think logically about the answer to the question.

Did you manage to find the right answer? Did you manage to conclude who is the man who carries the most load? How long did it take you to find the answer?

If you managed to find the answer, congratulations, your logical thinking is at a high level.

If you are not sure about the answer, you can read the correct answer below.
The correct answer is that the man in the middle carries the greatest burden. In fact, the man in the middle carries 25% more burden than the other two men.

If you were interested in this puzzle, follow us and we will continue to present you with such and even more interesting puzzles. Train your brain often with such brain teasers, puzzles and logic tasks, it is good for you to spend quality time and to improve your logical, visual, and perceptual abilities.