Make A Fist And Find Out What Kind of Person You Are

It is believed that the kind of fist you make shapes you as a person. Basically there are three ways to make a fist – firstly, you can make a regular fist, with the thumb outside, covering all the other fingers, seconly, you can make a fist where your thumb is inside, protected by all the other fingers, and finally, a fist where the thumb goes to the side, right next to the index finger. In addition we will analize each of these different fists and see the results.

  • If your fist looks like you are protecting your thumb with all your fingers, that usually means that you are a witty and intelligent person, but a rather shy one, and can rarely show all 100% of your worth. Because of that, most of the crowd that meets you may have the feeling of you being an uncommunicative person. You may put yourself under a lot of pressure, only because you ask too much of yourself. But, if you do not disrupt your inner peace, people find you an amazing company and highly attractive. Sometimes it is difficult for you to create new friendships, or indulge in an adventurous relationship, and this disturbs you. Don’t worry at all, all you have to do is be a little more flexible with the people around you, and the rest will follow.


  • If your fist looks like you’re protesting all your fingers with your thumb, then that means that you attract all kinds of people around you. You are a very secure, communicative and highly self-esteemed person, also considered to be a great leader. Although, sometimes you feel a pressure over taking risks, and are scared to fail. That might hurt you a lot. Also, you often need to stand in front of a mirror and remind yourself who you really are and what you can do. another thing is that these people often try to surrond themselves with other people who are jealous of them in order to boost their self-confidence.


  • The third way of forming a fist, where the thumb is leaned against the index finger, can describe a person as a helper. Even it takes the best out of you, even if it exhausts you, you always see the good in others. You are always eager to learn new things, filled with energy, though sometimes canbe a little impatient. A fearless adventurer, with no need of other people’s assistance and protection whatsoever. But, on the other hand, you are dependent on other people’s opinions of you, and can easily be manipulated with, only because these people are too kind. Nevertheless, you are basically a strong person and do not give up on people. A little advice here would be not to give your kindness to every person you meet, but to hold on to a little something of it for yourself.