Make some Extra Healthy Lemon Ice Cubes

The benefits of lemon were always known to be among the most powerful ones in the prevention and cure of tons of diseases. It is an ingredient in almost every remedy despite the particular area of treatment in a human’s body. Lemon also presents the basic ingredient of every detoxifying program. However, it is not only the juice of it that has healing properties, but the peel too. And not many get to use it, mainly because of its bitter taste.

Yet, not everyone knows that the bitter fruits or vegetables, regardless, are actually the healthiest ones. For instance, the lemon peel has numerous benefits, among which, the fact it can prevent cancerous cells of appearing, lowers cholesterol levels and can improve the functioning of the immune system. At the same time it fights against internal parasites and worms, and has anti-fungal and anti- bacterial properties.

And when mentioning the health benefits of the peel, it’s inevitable to number some of the best health benefits of the lemon in a whole as well: – it regulates blood pressure, fights against inflammation, detoxifies liver and the kidneys, boosts the total immune system, prevents asthma, lowers the risk of strokes, treats depression and stress and the best one among these is the fact that it can fight cancer.

The cancer fighting properties are due to the vitamin C, known as an anti-cancer agent, which lemon is rich in. In addition to this come the detoxifying, and boosting the immune system properties, meaning that if you maintain the health welfare of the body, you’ll keep your organism save from every disease trying to invade it. In particular, when about cancer, it’s inevitable to mention, that the vitamin C found in lemon, prevents and kills the malignant cancerous cells in breast cancer, lung and colon cancer, at the same time not affecting the healthy cells.

Most of the antioxidants and vitamins of lemon are found in the peel rather than the juice. Yet, as I already mentioned, not everyone is used to the bitter taste of the lemon peel, therefore, to overcome this issue, we have a solution of how to effectively utilize it.

First of all, you need to disinfect the lemon with apple cider vinegar, wash it and dry it well. Then put it in the freezer overnight, and once it freezes well, grate the whole of it, including the peel, pulp and seeds. Place the grated piece in ice cube trays.

And place it in the freezer for further use. You can include a cube of this product in every meal, such as pasta, soup, ice cream, pasta,sauce, yoghurt, smoothie, tea, juice etc. It gives one delicious and healthy flavor to everything.