Make Sure you Have at Least One of these Plants in your Home to Protect you from Radiation, Chemicals and Cigarette Smoke!

When you think of a permanent residence, a home, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A safe place, sanctuary, where you can be at peace, a happy place, you connect it with laughter and happiness. It associates you with health. Now imagine suddenly your peace is interrupted. Family members, guests, people coming into your home – and smoking. And not only that, have you ever considered how much does a TV do harm in your home? Everything from harmful radiation to paint, whatever pops in your mind, will be eliminated from your home. Of course, only if you keep a plant which will do it. Cactus, fig, dragon tree, whatever fits your taste. Did you know that in order to obtain healthy living conditions, you should have a plant for every 75 square feet of your home? Let us explore some of the options you have in order to make your living space more pleasant.


Previously we mentioned smoke from cigarettes, and it indeed is a disturbing habit. Well, the fig owns the properties to make the smoke go away. The only thing you have to be careful if you have this plant at home is not to put it in a direct sunlight. Other than that, it will not only neutralize the awful cigarette odor, but it will also help against the chemicals in paints that are not good for a persons health.


The fern, another plant that should not be exposed to direct sunlight, helps the home be free of formaldehyde, a substance that is released from glue, paint, detergents, furniture. If you decide to have this plant at home, you will feel the difference instantly.

Dragon Tree

This plant is considered to be the best plant you could have in your house, because of it’s properties, which are very similar to the fern. The dragon tree can eliminate formaldehyde, and other substances found in deodorants, sprays and cleaning agents. The only difference is that is it an easy plant to nourish. It is resistant to constant temperature changes, and though it should not be put in direct sunlight, it loves a bright space. It is only necessary to spray it with water every day, and that is pretty much it. You will have a cleansed home.

These plants can be found extremely useful in maintaining a healthy home, so, the right thing to do would be to buy one, the sooner the better. Feel the difference between what your home is now and what it will be after you own one of these plants. Stay healthy.