Math Test: What is the Correct Solution?

Maybe not everyone was crazy about math in elementary and high school. Maybe you had bad grades, and maybe you were one of those people who excelled in math. However, this is not a classic math task like those in primary and secondary education. This is a task that will definitely bother you a little to come up with the right solution. But it will definitely be fun and interesting until you discover the solution. Want to have some fun with this math task?
Get ready now we will show you the task you need to solve. This is a tricky math task that will definitely keep your attention and make you think. See below for what it’s all about.

Look carefully at the next math problem. Think hard and try to find the right solution to this short and fun math puzzle.

5 + 3 = 28

9 + 1 = 810

8 + 6 = 214

5 + 4 = 19

7 + 3 = ?

Try to get the correct solution to this math problem. Did you succeed? Did he get the correct solution? If he succeeds, congratulations you are a mathematical genius.