Meet Drew Goodall! He was a Homeless Man and then Became the Owner of a Successful Company! Read his Story!

Drew Goodall is a man whose life story will amaze many. A film could be made with his life story, and the most important thing is that his story somehow revived the people who helped him not to give up on life.

Drew Goodall is British. His dream has always been to become an actor, so after graduating from acting school he managed to get some smaller roles in the 90s. He appeared in the films “Snatch” and “About a boy” and met many great actors such as Brad Pitt and Hugh Grant. Drew received bad reviews and reviews for his acting, so they changed his life, even ruined it. He ran out of money. He did not want to return to his parents’ house because he considered it a defeat because he did not want to complain. His defeat was so great that he was left homeless. So he became homeless and after losing his house, he lived on cardboard boxes for 6 months. Thus begins his struggle for survival. Drew had no roof over his head, no money or work, he had to beg for food to survive. Many times he was beaten by drunken homeless people. He slept on cardboard boxes opposite the London Academy of Acting after being left with nothing and struggling with depression.

The next turning point in his life happened when he started cleaning shoes on the street to earn a living. This was not a regular occurrence, so he had to be careful not to be arrested by the police. One day, one of his regular clients suggested that he do the same thing, but in the client’s office. So Drew started making money working for the client’s company and cleaning shoes. His job was simple, he cleaned the shoes of busy workers passing by. In time, Drew began earning a reasonable amount of money and moving away from homelessness. He had a legal job and did not have to hide from the police.

After many years of work, Drew came up with the idea of ​​starting his own company. After many years of hard work, dedication and determination, Drew managed to start his own cleaning and polishing shoes company called “Shoeshine”. Instructed from his own life, Drew’s workers he employs are exclusively homeless. Drew never forgot how he got there, so he wanted to help other homeless people who have the same terrible fate as him, so Drew offers them a chance to improve their lives and find a purpose.

Over the years, Drew has worked with prestigious companies across London whose executives and managers have great shoes. Today, Drew earns more than .000 250,000 a year, and most of the money is donated to charity. What Drew is especially proud of is that he employs homeless people as well as people with disabilities in his company. So far, Drew has employed about 40 homeless people, and one of his employees is Alan Walton, 45, who has been out of work for 15 years. Alan is a man with poor mental health and impaired vision, he says that this chance that Drew gave him is a chance for a new beginning and a bright future for him.

The world would definitely be a better place to live if most people were like Drew. Maybe the global problem of the homeless would be reduced and all those who have lost everything in life would be given a chance to get a new chance for a good life and a better tomorrow.