Meet the Girl with the Higher IQ than Einstein and Hawking

Adhara Pérez is a girl from Mexico, she graduated elementary school at five years of age, middle school by six, and high school at eight. Adhara has an IQ of 162, which is two more than the IQ of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. This girl is only 11 years old, and her wish is to become an astronaut at NASA, travel in space and conquer Mars. Her life journey to this age has not been easy.

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At the age of three, she was diagnosed with a form of autism – Asperger’s syndrome.

Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder, often marked by an inability to understand how to behave as a member of society. Children with Asperger syndrome show very little facial expression other than anger and sadness. These children live in their own world, in which they are preoccupied with themselves and their schedule. The senses of these children are more intense, they feel the surfaces, the taste, the temperature more strongly, and their thoughts are more focused than the other children. Adhara’s mother, Naley Sanchez, also noticed these changes because she behaved differently from her peers.

Revealing Adhara’s high IQ

Children with this syndrome are generally average or above average intelligent, but do not understand metaphors and double meanings. Naley Sanchez says her daughter wanted to have friends but simply did not know how to approach them. This became a problem for the little girl as the children began to reject her and call her weird. At school, teachers said Adhara did not want to work and isolated her from other students. But Adhara was bored with the lessons. Her mother, Nalely, a graduate psychologist, enrolled her daughter in a talent center where Adhara was found to have an IQ of 162.


Adhara graduated from elementary school at five years of age, middle school by six, and high school at eight, and in She is currently enrolled in two university degrees in Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering in Mathematics. This little girl’s dream is to go to America, finish her studies and become an astronaut at NASA.

The University of Arizona is already interested in her, and so is Rice University – both colleges have invited her to study astrophysics. Her mother has some worries about studying for finances, but hopes that somehow she will be able to help her in her desires to make Adhara a scientist or astronaut at NASA.

What is IQ?

IQ, or intelligence quotient, is a measure of your ability to think and solve problems. It basically reflects how well you did on a particular test compared to other people in your age group. Depending on your IQ value, your intelligence level can be divided into several groups:

Genius (IQ greater than 140)
Very high intelligence (IQ is between 120 – 140)
High intelligence (IQ is between 111-120)
Average intelligence (IQ is between 90-110)
Limit intelligence level (IQ is between 70-89)
Mild mental retardation (IQ is between 50-69)
Moderate mental retardation (IQ is between 35-49)
Severe mental retardation (IQ is between 20-34)
Severe mental retardation (IQ is below 20)