Meet the Three Young Geniuses with Highest IQs Ever

Human intelligence can be measured in many ways. Some people strongly believe in IQ tests, some believe in emotional intelligence. Intelligence by definition is the ability to cope with new situations. The word itself comes from the Latin word inteligere which means to understand. Usually, an IQ number is used to determine a person’s intelligence, which determines how intelligent a person is, ie how resourceful he or she is in certain situations.


However, success in life in all fields is influenced by many factors such as the environment, character and motivation of the person. On the other hand, there are many intelligent people who have not used their potential due to prejudice or lack of opportunities. IQ testing was developed in the early 20th century, when studies of genius assumptions were made in the past.

We will focus on high IQ of three geniuses. These are 3 small children who were found on a Kenyan website described as children among the highest IQs ever. These are Ramarni Wilfred, Anala Beevers and Alannah George. These 3 children are members of the oldest society Mensa, a society that is the oldest with a high IQ in the world.

1. Ramarni Wilfred

According to some research conducted by the BBC, Wilfred achieved a higher score than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking with his IQ 162. Ramarni was only 10 years old when he wrote his paper on the philosophy of justice. Ramarni is considered the smartest boy in the capital of England, Britain. He began to show his abilities as a child in his preschool age, unlike his peers, he already knew how to read and write. It is that ingenuity that caught the attention of MENSA.

2. Anala Beevers

At the age of four, Annala had an IQ of 145. At the age of five, Annala had already recited the names of every North American country and capital on the map. Annala Beevers is from New Orleans, Louisiana. According to her parents, she learned the alphabet at the age of four and at the age of one and a half she knew how to say numbers in Spanish. The names of the planets and dinosaurs are her most interesting work. She is also a member of MENSA. When asked if she was smart, she nodded and replied, “I’m really smart.”

Allanah George

Allanah’s IQ is 140. She was the youngest member of MENSA. It originates from the United Kingdom. Allanah began to form complete sentences at the age of 18 months, learned to read and tried to learn both numbers and letters. She quickly began reading complete paragraphs from her favorite books. Allahnah’s teachers in Windsor are working to adjust her curriculum so that she does not get bored of the lessons, given the fact that she is far more advanced than her peers. Her program is prepared in order to satisfy her academic level. At her age in the preschool, according to the tests that were done, she was placed at the level of a seven-year-old child. According to experts, it can increase its potential over the years.

There are many ingenious minds in the world with a high IQ. Throughout history we will separate Cleopatra with her IQ 180; Galileo Galilei with his IQ from 180 to 200; Nikola Tesla with IQ 195; Maria Curie with IQ 180-200; Albert Einstein with IQ 160-190; William Shakespeare with IQ 210; Plato and Aristotle with IQs around 180-190 each; Isaac Newton with an IQ of 193 and Leonardo da Vinci with an IQ of 200.