Microwave Popcorn Yes or No ?!

Popcorn and movie – there is no better combination than this. Normally together with Coca Cola or other kind of juice or soda. If you are a fan of popcorn, we assume that you want to prepare them quickly and easily, so it is easiest to use the microwave and 3, 2, 1 and you have popcorn. But is it the healthiest way despite being the fastest?


Unfortunately, the answer is NO!


Popcorn prepared in the microwave is classified as a dangerous food!

Credits to: healthy-holistic-living.com

Dangerous substances


Let’s start with the bags in which the popcorn’s popcorn is packed. The bags in which these great snacks are packed contain numerous chemicals, and the popcorn itself contains quite a lot of salt, fat, numerous chemicals, and so on. Perfluorooctanoic acid is the substance contained in the paper bag. Frightening is the fact that according to certain tests that have been performed on animals, this chemical has been shown to increase the risk of developing testicular, pancreatic and liver cancers.


Excess fat


The fat contained in microwave popcorn is far more than what you need to consume on a daily basis. As a substitute for the trans fats previously used, microwave popcorn makers now use palm oil. But unfortunately, palm mask increases LDL cholesterol because this oil has a large amount of saturated fat. Palm oil has significantly more saturated fat than vegetable oil. But the fact that your intake of large amounts of fat on a daily basis is greater than what your body really needs, is still true, no matter what kind of popcorn you eat, whether with palm oil or vegetable oil. Just for information, some microwave popcorn contains between four and six grams of saturated fat per meal, which is about 30% more than the need to meet your body fat intake on a daily basis.


Excess salt


Have you noticed the amount of sodium listed on the microwave popcorn bag? Certainly not. But from now on it is worth reading its value to confirm this our thesis. If one of the sachets does not state the amount of sodium, we will find that one package contains about 300 milligrams of sodium per meal. If you know that your daily sodium intake should be limited to 1500 milligrams, you have 20% of your allowable daily sodium intake in just one small snack. Too much sodium in the body can cause adverse effects rapidly on the brain and kidneys, and also adversely affect the entire cardiovascular system.


Calorie bomb


Surely you feel quite full after eating a bag of popcorn? This is due to the fact that they contain twice as many calories as popcorn that is prepared in oil in a pot. So with a bag of microwave popcorn you have a calorie bomb that is quite salty and high in fat.

Stick to the traditional way of popping popcorn – in oil in a pot


Of course, the preparation time is significantly longer, but at least you know that you are consuming a significantly healthier snack. You know that you are consuming a healthier and more nutritious snack that is spiced with natural spices, without artificially added chemicals. So what is it like to spend 20 minutes preparing popcorn and enjoying it while watching your favorite movie, and at the same time you will make a lot more popcorn than you can collect popcorn in a microwave bag.


Here’s another way of making popcorn in the microwave with baking paper
All you need is baking paper and popcorn, normally unprepared. Method of preparation: Depending on the size of the bag you have, put 50-70 grams of corn kernels and fold the bag 3 times on top. Do not snag it, as the ammunition for the snap can cause sparks or fire in the microwave. There is no need for duct tape either, the bag will not open when shooting, if it is nicely folded. Place the bag in the microwave for about 3 minutes on high heat as you prepare the ones you are buying.