Monument оf Native American Legend “Crazy Horse” Slowly Takes Shape in South Dakota

“Crazy Horse”

The Crazy Horse was born in 1844 in Bear Boat, it was probably located near the Bele Furche River east of Paha Sapa, also known as the Black Hills. The crazy horse was born to parents from two Lakota tribes in the Sioux, his father was Oglala and his mother was Minikonju. The Crazy Horse was Oglala Lakota’s Indian military leader in the 19th century. He fought against the entry of white American settlers into Indian territory and to preserve the traditional way of life of the Lakota people. The Crazy Horse or Tashunka Vitko was known among his people as a great general who led his people against the invasion of the white man and was committed to protecting the tradition and principles of the Sioux (Lakota) way of life. The Crazy Horse’s first name was Curly. Crazy Horse’s hatred of white people has grown over the years, and the biggest incident has fueled his revenge. It is an incident in which the US Army wiped out most of the village of Lakota, killing women and children. The Crazy Horse took part in many battles for which he became a military leader by the mid-twenties. The Crazy Horse has perfected its guerrilla skills over the years and has earned one of the highest honors and responsibilities bestowed on men – the title of shirt-maker.

The Memorial for Crazy Horse

The Black Hills site in South Dakota began construction in 1948. This site should show the Crazy Horse on a Horse with an outstretched hand. This site has not been fully built yet, and when completed it will be larger than that of the presidents of Mount Rushmore. Why is this site not built yet? The first reason is because the weather in South Dakota is harsh. The other reason is because this site is being built with donations. The sculptor who designed this project is Korczak Ziolkowski. After his death, his family continued to monitor the monument. The monument was commissioned by Lakota Chief Henry the Standing Bear in 1939. The goal was to portray a Native American leader with red skin as a great leader. On the other hand, the descendants of the Crazy Horse felt threatened because no one consulted them and did not ask their permission for such a thing. They say that by doing so they do not respect their culture.

Will the monument ever be completed?

The monument remains unfinished and it is uncertain whether it will actually ever be completed. However, Ziolkowski’s family quoted him as saying, “Go slowly so you do it right.” According to the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation, they promise progress in the future but still slow progress.


5 Interesting Facts about the Crazy Horse

  • The crazy horse was born as Cha-O-Ha, either in the wild or among the trees, which means he was one with nature.
  • Despite his name, Crazy Horse was a quiet and reserved person.
  • The Crazy horse ceded most of his property to other people in his tribe. He was most passionate about protecting the traditional ways of his people.
  • The Crazy Horse became a military leader at the age of 24.
  • He took part in the Battle of Plat Bridge and the Battle of the Red Buttons in 1965 to finally rise to the status of Shirt Holder, who was a leader in the battle.