Ndakasi, the ‘Selfie’ Gorilla

You probably remember Ndakasi, the mountain gorilla who became an internet sensation. It is also known as the Selfie Gorilla. Bauma, her guardian, cared for her since she was a baby. Rangers found Ndakasi hanging on her dead mother in 2007. Bauma has been caring for her ever since. Ndakasi was only 2 months old then. Because Ndakasi was too small to be left alone in the wild, she was cared for at the Senkequve Center for Gorilla Orphans. This center is the only center in the world that takes care of orphaned gorillas. Ndakasi later appeared in many TV series and documentaries. But the selfie she took with her guardian Bauma in 2019 brought her world fame. That photo became a viral hit on the Internet.

The news that stunned everyone echoed on the Internet, and that is that the Selfie Gorilla Ndakasi died. Everyone was shocked and sad. The Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo explained that Ndakasi had been ill for some time. The selfie gorilla has been in the park for more than a decade. She died at the hands of her longtime guardian and friend Andre Bauma. Her guardian Bauma told Ndakasi that she was a very smart gorilla who showed emotions on a human level. According to many studies they have found many similarities in human characteristics in Ndakasi gorillas. As it is actually known since prehistoric times that there are huge similarities between man and ape. Ndakasi and her guardian Bauma built a strong bond, but she developed an emotionally strong bond with all of her park rangers. Everyone at the Senkequve Center for Gorilla Orphans was very sad and in tears explained how sad they were for her death. Ndakasi died at the age of 14 in the arms of her best friend Bauma. The gorilla had been sick for a long time and unfortunately her condition was deteriorating very quickly and nothing could be done to save her.

Credits to: tiffytaffy.com

The beloved Ndakasi died peacefully in the arms of her guardian Bauma. “It can be said that Ndakasi went to his mother Niransekuye, which means the name of someone happy who welcomes others,” Bauma said in a statement. Bauma is proud to have had a friend like Ndakasi because thanks to her he was able to better understand the relationship between apes and humans. He explains that he loved Ndakasi as his child and that he is very grateful for everything he has learned from Ndakasi. Ndakasi could not return to the wild, so she was taken care of in the center. She had no family of her own and could not survive at such a young age.

Virunga National Park is doing everything it can to protect gorillas’ natural habitat. Virunga’s management, as part of a team tasked with protecting visitors as well as maintaining a safe wildlife environment, includes elite watchdogs and suitably trained dogs. Donations and supporters are needed to grow their team as well as funds so they can continue their work.