Newly Invented Shoe Will Keep Track of Elderly with Alzheimer’s

Technology is being used for both good and bad in today’s world. While governments use it to build powerful weapons, other companies are using technology to improve the quality of our lives. Some companies aim to improve the quality of life of patients with severe diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

As you most likely know, people with Alzheimer’s suffer from severe memory loss. Many of them often lose their way when outside. How many times have you seen Facebook posts of lost people suffering from the disease who never find their way home? A Japanese company does its best to prevent this from happening again after inventing a smart shoe with GPS that will track the movement of Alzheimer’s patients.

While looking for a solution to a common problem, the Japanese company found the easiest one. What if they could add a GPS device to a shoe that will track the movement of Alzheimer’s patients?

Wish Hills tried the experiment and it worked. Thanks to the brilliant solution, people don’t need to worry about their relatives with Alzheimer’s going lost. Thanks to the GPS shoe, they will know their location all the time.

Japanese innovations aren’t anything new. We are constantly bombarded with new technologies coming from Japan’s techno-capital, and the latest one is something the whole world will benefit from. Wish Hills’ innovative shoe will help people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s get back home.

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If you’re wondering why a shoe and not a smartwatch or smartphone, keep in mind that the elderly rarely use these devices. They must wear shoes, though, and the GPS is hidden well inside the soles so they can’t take it out. To be honest, we’re a bit surprised that no other company thought of this solution up until now.

The GPS device can be pinged from a smartphone app and will return the location of the person right away along with a map. As soon as the person moves at least 50 m. from home, the device will notify the linked contact of it. In that way, they can track the location of the patient 24/7.

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At the moment, the shoes are only available in Japan. They’re not exactly cheap – they go for about $300 per pair. Wish Wells plans to ship the product internationally in the next phase and we couldn’t be more excited by it. We just hope that the new markets will also reduce the price so that anyone can buy these life-saving shoes.