Optical Illusions That Will Seriously Challenge Your Mind

Our brains have developed ways to help us understand the complex world around us, but at the same time prevent us from seeing more realistically what lies ahead.

Optical illusion or visual illusion is characterized as images that differ from objective reality.
There are three types of Visual Illusions. Optical illusions that create images that are different from the elements from which they are created. Physiological Optical illusions, which are in fact the effects on the eyes and brain of excessive stimulation of a specific type, brightness, color, size, position, movement, etc. And cognitive illusions, the result of unconscious interpretations.

If you have ever felt that your eye was deceived after looking at an optical illusion, then you know for sure that it can be a very intense phenomenon. What the eye perceives as it sees these images is a visual illusion.

You see the image as something different from what it is because different cells and receptors in your eyes recognize images and colors at different speeds. The eye can only receive a limited amount of visual stimulation, but because your brain is constantly processing visual information, you get the illusion that you are constantly watching. Whether it is an optical, psychological or cognitive illusion, in fact, your eyes are always deceived. Take a look at some interesting illusions – but be prepared, you may not be able to accept them all at once.

These optical illusions will prove it to you written above.

  • Are the lines in the picture parallel?
    Credits to: factroom.ru / bashny.net

If you look at the photo, you will see that the dark blue horizontal lines lie at an angle, even though they are parallel. These lines are really parallel even though they do not look like that. Take a closer look.

  • Do these cubes have a darker and lighter shade of gray?
                                                                                                   Credits to: factroom.ru / bashny.net

Both parts of the cube have the same color. If you do not believe, cover the part between them with your finger and you will be convinced.

  • Are the circles in the picture moving?

    Credits to: factroom.ru / bashny.net

Look at the picture carefully for at least 20 seconds, then pause and look at something white and motionless, such as a wall.

  • Focus on the Red Cross

Carefully focus your look on the red cross in the picture. Do you find the white dots moving chaotically in different directions?