“Pathway To Heaven” Appears Over Fatal Car Crash

Traffic accidents have unfortunately become commonplace around the world. Unfortunately, the numbers of traffic accidents are constantly growing on a daily basis, and with that the number of victims is growing. There are many causes for many accidents.


Fatigue is one of the causes of car accidents. Exhausted drivers have reduced concentration, so they happen to make an offense or a mistake on the road. If driving on a long road, it is recommended to take more breaks to rest the driver. It is also good to eat something light, because the light raises the driver’s concentration.

Non-compliance with traffic signs and rules

When it comes to traffic safety, the most important thing is the quality training of the drivers, during which the theoretical and practical training of the new driver should be mastered very well. It is a good idea for new drivers to drive as often as possible, if necessary with an escort, to demonstrate practical knowledge.


Stress also negatively affects the driver’s condition, and thus traffic safety. The very presence of stress in the driver reduces the ability to perceive and speed of reaction. If the driver is under stress, it would be good not to sit behind the wheel at all.

Technical malfunction of the vehicle

It often happens that drivers neglect the technical correctness of the vehicle and thus consciously put themselves and other road users at risk. Checking the technical correctness of the vehicle is one of the key habits to be applied. Failure of the braking system, headlights and other parts may result in fatal collisions.

“Pathway to Heaven” Captured in Photo of Fatal Car Crash

Credits to: tiffytaffy.com

A car accident in 2017 in Gainesville, Georgia, killed three people: two young mothers and a girl. That day, 23-year-old Hannah Simmons was driving with her friend 28-year-old Lauren Buteau. They went to a doctor for a routine check-up for Hannah’s nine-month-old daughter, A’lannah. The exact reasons how Hannah lost control of the vehicle and how they got out of the traffic on the opposite side are not known. On the opposite side they hit directly with a truck. Both the mother and the baby died on the spot. Hannah was pregnant, so there were 4 victims, including her unborn baby. 19-year-old Anisa Gannon, who was on her way to work that morning, was stuck in traffic due to a car accident and took a photo that she sent to her boss. A little later in the day, when Anisa took a closer look at her photo, she noticed a very strange light coming down just above the wrecked vehicle. The light looked exactly as described – Pathway to heaven. Anisa showed the photo of her Aunt Tara, so together they decided to find the families of the victims, to give them the photo thinking that it might give them some peace and comfort. According to the statements of the relatives of the families of the deceased, however, that photo gave them some peace and comfort that their loved ones are in paradise and that they are in a better place.