Perfect Solution to Get Rid of your Double Chin without Surgery

It is natural that human body changes as the years go by and we grow older. Changes like sagging breasts, jowls, eyelids and chins are inevitable due to gravity. There are many products and medical procedures that can help with that problem, however, some of them can be really expensive and out of reach for many. Fortunately, there are some simple exercises you can do to avoid double chin. You just need to follow the instructions and not do any fast movements, so you won’t hurt yourself.

1. Neck Lift

Hold the base of your neck tight with your hand, right on your collarbone. Move your head up and down gently and slowly. Do 12 repetitions, take a rest and do it again. You should feel your neck tightening and relaxing while doing the exercise.

2. Up and Over

Relax your neck before you do the exercise. Press your lips together and look up and over. At the same time tilt your neck slightly to the right. You will engage your whole neck and jaw muscles and tighten them. Stay like that for 30 seconds, relax and do it again with the other side.

3. Chin Be-Gone

Stand straight and start extending your neck while looking forward. Your chin should be protruded out and you should keep your whole body still including your head. Do 12 repetitions, take a rest and repeat. This exercise will make your chin, jaw and the surrounding muscles firmer.

4. Gravity Kiss

Start by tilting your chin a little bit and make sure you are in a comfortable position. Kiss the air in a wide motion by moving your lips apart. Do several sets of 12 repetitions.

5. Chin Hold

Put three fingerprints with both of your hands under your bottom lip while they are pursed tightly. Your thumbs should be under your chin. You should keep your lips taught while pressing down and holding firmly with your fingerprints. Hold the position for 30 seconds and repeat. Make sure your lips are not parting.

6. Neck Hold

Hold your neck with both your hands and pull the neck muscles down while keeping your look up. Do it gently and slowly so you will not hurt yourself. Your chin should be raised up and protruded. Hold the position for 30 seconds and repeat.

7. “O” Maneuver One

You should keep your lips tight together and try to make an “O” by pulling your cheeks like you are sucking the air. Hold the chin up in the air for 30 seconds, relax and repeat.

8. “O” Maneuver Two

This is the same exercise as the previous one, with the difference that you do not hold it for 30 seconds. Instead, hold it for a second, release, and hold it again. Do 12 repetitions by holding and releasing, relax and repeat the exercise.

9. Tongue Press

Make sure your body is straight and your head is relaxed. Then press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and move your chin up and down. Repeat 12 times, relax and do another set.

10. Chin Press

Keep your lips tight and put the back of your fingers under the chin. Then press the chin into the finger so that the muscles tighten. Do 12 repetitions, rest a little bit and do it again.