Photo That Crash The Internet – Can You Find The Panda in This Picture?

Interesting Facts About Pandas.

Hungarian author Georgeli Dudas, best known by the pseudonym Dudolf, is known for his love of puzzles and tests of human intelligence. He constantly creates creative tests for all of us. Hiding things is his main motivation for fun.

See if this task is difficult for you. All you have to do is find the panda among all these snowmen.
Since the publication of this photo, it has gained great popularity, with more than 60,000 shares and 400 thousand likes.

Its author is Georgeli Dudas from Hungary who is also the author of many cartoons. Although the task is not very difficult, the little panda is easily lost in the sea of snowmen. This is the second photo published by Dudas, he previously published the photo where a cat is to be found among the sea owls.

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17 Interesting facts about pandas.

  • The constant diet of pandas is bamboo. Specifically 99% of the diet contains bamboo.
  • Pandas are known for gain weight quickly. After birth, baby pandas do not weigh more than 150g but in 2-3 months they reach up to 6kg. In 1 year the baby panda can grow from 100 to 145 kg.
  • Pandas differ from other animals in the number of toes. They have 6 toes on their front feet.
  • Adult pandas can reach a height of 1.5 m and weigh up to 150 kg, just like black bears. However, pandas are not able to move as fast as black bears.
  • All pandas are born pure white. After 7 days of their birth, black spots begin to appear.
  • Pandas are considered endemic species. Pandas live only in China in certain areas in dense bamboo forests and are not numerous..
  • In China, pandas are considered a national treasure. For their murder it carries the death penalty.
  • Pandas sit upright when eating, like humans.
  • The female panda starts to mate when she is 6-7 years old and they usually have baby pandas every 2 years.
  • Pregnancy of female pandas lasts between 3 and 5 months.
  • Unlike other bears, pandas do not hibernate. The reason for this is that they can not stop eating.
  • The bamboo they eat most often has low nutritional value and thus can not create fat reserves that will be enough for hibernation.
  • Panda feces can weigh up to 28 kg per day.
  • Young pandas eat their mother’s feces to get the necessary bacteria for digestion.
  • In the wild, pandas are located through the feces they leave behind.
  • Pandas defecate up to 40 times a day.
  • One day, the panda spends half eating and the other half sleeping.
  • Panda families prefer to live alone. Female pandas want to be in the company of male pandas during the mating season. After giving birth, they raise small pandas on their own.