Photographer Napping Under a Tree is Joined by a Cheetah for Cuddles

Photographs from wildlife fascinate us and leave us in awe as we’re thrilled to see these magnificent beasts in their natural habitat. Every chance we get for a sneak-peak is more than welcomed and we’re simply astonished by their beauty.

These spectacular animals are free to roam their land and that’s what makes them even more exciting. They’re a symbol of freedom, beauty, grace and strength, a sign of how precious nature is and a reminder that we’re just a part of a very vast ecosystem.

They’re especially captivating for photographers and that’s why many of them are drawn to wildlife photography, Dolph Volker being one of them. In addition to being a photographer, Volker is a volunteer in the Cheetah Experience, a non-profit in Africa, that takes care of threatened and endangered species. They have some quite exquisite species like cheetahs, caracals, wolves, lions, leopard, African wildcats, Siberian tigers and meerkats, and Volker has the unique opportunity to capture them on film.

Credits to: healthyfoodhouse.com

Dolph Volker had a shattering experience when his dog died in his arms and he was left feeling broken afterward. This event changed his life from the grounds and he decided to dedicate his time to fight for animals and raise awareness for these magnificent but endangered species. He spends most of his free days and saved up money to help the Cheetah Experience and snaps some pretty amazing photos in the process.

He was especially intrigued by cheetahs, who’re timid even though they look pretty terrifying. He wanted to get close to them and dedicated a lot of time and attention to these big cats. Eventually, his work paid off.

One day, after many hours of work, Volker stretched out under a tree and fell asleep. Soon afterwards, a female cheetah named Eden approached him, sniffed him up and laid on the ground next him to cuddle. When he opened his eyes he was in for a big surprise. The big cat was curled up to him like a baby, purring and enjoying her time in the shadow. This was just the first of the many cuddle sessions that were to follow. Eden and Dolph became good friends and the cat cuddles him, snuggles with him and even nibbles him gently as she probably sees him as belonging to her kind. It was a start of a beautiful friendship for both of them.

Dolph is now known as the Cheetah Whisperer as he spends most of his time there around cheetahs and they apparently have a special bond. You can even see them snuggling and cuddling in the video below and bare witnesses to their one-of-a-kind friendship.

Credits to: healthyfoodhouse.com


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