Potassium- The Most Dangerous White Toxin That We Consume

The potassium is a mineral which has an important role in our nervous system, it equipoise our electrolyte balance, fluids in our body and muscle contractions. It is found in fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and meet. Our daily need of potassium is 2000mg. On the other hand there is a harmful potassium that is called potassium glutamate E621.

We consume potassium every day but we can’t recognize it. It looks like white powder and it is similar to salt and sugar.

Warning! It shouldn’t be added in every types of food, because it could cause overweight, increased appetite and it can lead to endangered health.

However, potassium glutamate can change the gene that is responsible for the sense of taste because it enters in the blood easily and boosts our brain cells.

The effects can be even more numerous and varied and outside the brain, there are numerous glutamate receptors in organs and tissues. The entire nervous system of the heart contains many receptors. Lungs, ovaries, all the reproductive system, even semen, adrenal, bone and even the pancreas are all controlled by glutamate receptors. They act and operate as brain glutamate receptors.

For long, it has been suspected that it plays a role in the development of neurodegenerative diseases causing the death of nerve cells, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, multiple sclerosis or lateral sclerosis Amyotrophic.

This potassium is mainly used in canned food. If you want to preserve your health, you must consume it in limited quantities. It is recommended 1.5g daily for an adult and less than one gram for children.

It is also known for some time that in rare cases, glutamate can trigger in susceptible individuals like the “syndrome of Chinese restaurant’’, a syndrome that, among others, manifested by headaches, lack of sensation in the neck, body aches, nausea, facial flushing, burning sensations and cardiovascular pain.

Potassium E621 was discovered by the scientist Ikeda Kikunae, in 1907 in Japan. By performing many experiments he discovered that potassium enhances the taste of our food. Although the junk food and all artificial food is improved by the potassium.

Glutamates are additives E621 to E625. These salts of glutamic acid E620 are formed when chemically linking the latter to sodium, calcium, ammonia or magnesium.

This ingredient was used in experiment with mice, and the result was that they lost the sight after a few hours. Experiments have shown that animals which fed the GMS had a preference for carbohydrates, protein foods and sugars, thus leading to obesity, loss of appetite control and metabolism, insensitivity to leptin. The excitotoxins such as glutamates or aspartame can accelerate the progression of cancer and cancer metastasis.


Glutamate is one of the most controversial additives. While supporters are convinced that the completely harmless nature of this additive even in large quantities, other scientists see through against serious risks, especially for the brain , because glutamate is one of the most important chemical mediators.
We are addicted of eating junk food and we can’t stop eating and controlling ourselves, because it improves the taste of the food.

Remember! Manufacturers have benefit from selling products with E621, while making the low-quality products look and taste good.