Puzzle: Which is a real watch?

This is one of the puzzles that drove internet and social network users crazy. This is a very simple task, which seems too complicated. The task is quite simple.

This is a puzzle who will make you laugh when you find out the answer, if you could not find it yourself, because it is very simple. In this picture you see two watches. At first glance, they look like ordinary watches. The difference is that one watch is real and the other is a toy. Can you find out which is a real and which is a fake watch?

Try to guess yourself. Observe the two watches and all the details on them. The answer is in front of your nose. You just have to look in the right place. Did you find out which is real and which is the fake one? Were you able to find the difference?

If yes, then congratulations. Your ability to notice details is excellent. Your visual power is at a high level. Your eyes still serve you well and your eyesight is great.

If you still could not find the right and the wrong watch, read the answer below.

The clock on the left is a toy. Wondering why? The explanation is that one hand on the watch is too long to make a full circle, so we conclude that the clock is actually a toy.

The solution is pretty simple right?

How long did it take you to discover the difference and come up with a solution?

Do you know what a waterproof watch means?

The water resistance of the watch is one thing that confuses people the most. The water resistance of watches is indicated in meters or ponds, so if a watch says 30 meters ( 100 feet; 3 Bars or Atmospheres ) , it does not mean that with that watch you can go 30 meters under water. With watches that say 30 meters ( 100 feet; 3 Bars or Atmospheres ), you can wash your hands and it can withstand a minimal splash of water. 50 meters ( 165 feet; 5 Bars or Atmospheres ) is a watch that you can take a shower with, 100 ( 330 feet; 10 Bars or Atmospheres ) meters is a watch that you can swim with, while 300 meters is a watch that you can wear while diving.