Revenge of the Elephants: Famous Animal Hunter Killed by Collapsed Elephant

The elephant population has been declining significantly in recent years. Elephant hunting is common, especially due to the ivory trade that has been around for millennia. Particularly in Central and West Africa, intensified hunting is on the rise. According to 2015 statistics, at least 20,000 elephants were killed in the ivory trade. However, in some areas and countries, elephant hunting is declining.

Theunis Botha was a well – known hunter from Johannesburg, South Africa. He hunted and guided aliens to hunt lions and other wildlife. Botha was a graduate psychologist and anthropologist, and had his first hunt in 1989. Botha went on to hunt large game, and also owned private hunting backpacks in Zimbabwe. Theunis spent his fateful day hunting in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. He lost his life at the age of 51 while hunting. Wondering what happened? While hunting, Bota and his friends ran into a herd of elephants. Elephants, like any other animal, have a strong sense of when they are in danger. Three of the animals attacked the hunters, and Bota instinctively shot at them in self-defense. The fourth elephant was moving towards him, but Botha did not notice him immediately. The elephant rose high, and in the meantime the other hunters shot at him. At that moment, the elephant collapsed wounded and fell directly on Botha, trampling him to death. Botha had a wife and 5 children. His body was later buried at his place of residence in South Africa.

Many commented on this event as Revenge of the elephants and the hunting of animals in general. This hunter is not the first to die at the hands of the animal, but it is still about lives and here the elaboration of this topic could last indefinitely. Before Botha’s death, his hunting friend Scott Van Zyl was also killed by animals while hunting. Scott Van Zyl went missing on a hunting expedition while he was the guide, and according to the investigation, forensic scientists determined that Scott was probably killed by crocodiles. Given that the remains of his backpack were found on the banks of the Lompopo River, and later DNA compatible with Scott Van Zill’s DNA was found in the contents of the crocodiles’ stomachs, this finding was supported by evidence.

African safaris, which are quite interesting for people from different parts of the world, often end with animal hunting. The population of elephants, as well as many other animals, is declining due to the uncontrolled hunting of animals. We need to know that every creature on this planet, whether it is an insect, a plant, an animal, a bird, has a role to play in this world. It is a complete system that works only if all members do their job. If we destroy any of them as people by hunting and the like, the balance of the whole system will be destroyed.

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