Science Says: Bald Men are Smarter and More Successful

Baldness is a big problem for men. They believe that baldness reduces their self-confidence and masculinity, and at the same time they experience depression and anxiety. Some men spend a lot of money dealing with preventing that hair loss process.

Fortunately for bald men, we will reveal something to you. According to some studies, women actually prefer bald men. It is also scientifically proven. Dr. Frank Muzarkala of the University of Florida at Barry conducted a study that divided men into four categories according to physical attractiveness, aggression, calmness and social maturity, and those men were rated from honesty to intelligence as well as their social status. It is interesting that this research was done research and was divided into 2 groups. One group analyzed photos of men with hair, while the other group analyzed the same photos, but in those photos the men’s hair was removed digitally.

The results of this study showed that most people who participated in the study considered them bald men for smarter, more intelligent and stronger. And given that some of Hollywood’s most sought-after men are bald like Jason Statham, Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson, it’s no wonder the study also found that bald men are sexier and more masculine.

According to this, men should stop panicking and falling into depression due to hair loss, on the contrary, if they want, they should shave their heads freely. According to the people who were researched, they explained that bald men should not wear wigs or other artificial accessory as imitation hair, nor should they comb their hair forward in order to cover the bald spot, because as they say all these things are totally for them. unattractive to women. In general, according to women, men with shaved heads look much more confident than others.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of men will lose at least part of their hair by age 35, while by age 50, as many as 85% of men will lose a significant amount of hair. Society increasingly accepts bald men with shaved heads and encourages them to reach for the razor at the first signs of hair loss, because there is really nothing to be ashamed of.

Although until now hair loss has been a sensitive topic for men, still years ago and with this research as evidence, we can conclude that they no longer have anything to be ashamed of. Whether it is a genetic predisposition that has led to hair loss, a diet problem, stress or whatever the cause, men need to feel comfortable in their own skin. Hair loss should not make them feel less sexy, because bald men are considered quite attractive. Bald men are often perceived as dominant, smart men, with more self – confidence.

Judging by the results of the latest research, women are just as attractive as men without hair. Baldness acts on women as an aphrodisiac, the results show. At the same time, the ladies who participated in the survey answered the question how much they are actually attracted or repulsed by the lack of hair in men. The results were surprising, as most women described baldness as a highly desirable male trait. Men who have accepted their baldness and turned it into a sexy weapon are confident. Is there anything more challenging than a man with great self-confidence?