See Here How your Nose Shape Determines your Personality

You can say a lot about the personality of a person just by analyzing their nose. A professor from Israel argued that this is very much true and that people should consider it upon meeting new people in their lives. In addition we will give you all the shapes with information connected to the character. Read them below.

  • The first shape is called the Nubian Nose. It is one of the most unique shapes because of it’s length and because it faces down. These people are known to be very inquisitive and curious. They always seach for a solution about any problem. They want to help other people and are very optimistic.

  • The second shape is also a unique one, and it is called the Greek Nose. It is narrow and straight, and also pretty lengthy. The term derives from the antique Greek sculptures. People with this nose shape don’t want to be the center of attention, do not want to connect with people and have difficulties expressing their feelings and emotions, but other than that, they are extremely loyal.

  • The next nose shape is often connected to the beak of a bird, and that is why it is called the Hooknose. These people are prepared to sacrifice everything to prove a point and to reach a certain goal. They are very creative and defensive when it comes to their own opinions.

  • The people who have an Arched Nose are the ones who are in love with their work, making them the most determined of them all.

  • We come to the most popular nose shape, and that is the Button Nose. Althogh these people are determined, they can make decisions very spontaneously and get on someone’s nerves because of that. These people always get what they want.

  • There are some people who have the Straight Nose. These people are calm, but if you do something wrong to them, they can get very angry. They represent a strong character, but also passion and temper.

  • The people who will always be there for you are the one with this nose shape, and it is the Concave Nose. They are extremely generous but can be easily hurt or offended because of their sensitive nature.

  • Finally, there are a group of people with what is known as the Crooked Nose, and they are excellent partners and friends. They know how to listen, are very down to earth and focused on what is important.

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