Several Home Care Tips for Healthy Feet

Taking good care of the feet is essential when speaking about taking care of the body. The feet are our most important body part, since we can’t do anything without them. They, along with the legs are our movable part, therefore it’s important to take good care of them. And it’s not only the health of the feet, but the appearance of them is important to be held in the perfect condition too, moreover it’s almost summer, and you don’t want your feet looking bad in your new pair of sandals.

Luckily, you don’t need to buy expensive products in order to keep your feet in the perfect shape and appearance, but use simple ingredients, ones that are not only cheap but easily accessible too. This way you will clean your feet of fungal infections, treat blisters, corns, bunions, gout or athlete’s foot in an all natural way.

  • Who would thought that you can use mouthwash in order to treat fungal infections. Actually, this is not odd at all, but taking regard that the mouthwashes contain a bit alcohol in them, and are used to lean the oral cavity, I found it true the fact that it can even treat the fungal infections on feet, if you use it to soak the feet in it for thirty minutes.


  • It was even proven highly effective to treat the fungal infections on the hands too.


If you by any chance don’t have a mouthwash in your home, then lemon juice and vinegar might come as handy replacements. Put a cup of lemon juice and vinegar in water and put your feet in it.


  • Let’s get back to the feet. If you by any chance experience Athlete’s foot – garlic is the cure for it. Rub some garlic on the foot and between the toes, and leave it to stand for one day before rinsing it. Practice this method for several days and you’ll inevitably feel a pain relief.


  • And summer is approaching, the best period of the year when you want to show off your feet, but wait, you can’t, there are these awful looking foot corns. But, no worries, there is something that you surely have in the household, and will do wonders in treating this. It’s onions. Just cut a thick slice and soak it in apple cider vinegar. Then apply it to the heel, put the sock on and leave it to stay overnight. Practice this method until you notice the corns becoming soft and easily removable.


  • And the bunions are not as awful looking as they are painful too. They prevent you from wearing your favorite pair of heels. Wait, nothing can prevent you from that, can it?! Therefore, you need to find something that can heal it in a cheap, fast and natural manner. And there is nothing better than chili peppers when treating this. Apply some chili sauce and Vaseline to the place and cover the area with gauze. Being rich in capasaicin, chili peppers will reduce the swelling and calm the pain at the same time.

Also, you can use salt in order to reduce the pain caused by bunions. Containing magnesium sulfate, it will lower the inflammation and the pain too.

  • Despite it can be quite painful, antiperspirants are the best cure for your blisters, even when they are popped. It will dry out the area and speed up the healing process.


  • And did you know that the gout is actually connected with your sugar intake. According to a study, it was proven how an increased intake of sugar is linked to the appearance of the gout. Therefore, the best cure is to lower the sugar intake, and at the same time add strawberries and cherries to your nutrition as antioxidants and a possible cure for the inflammation.

Try out these simple methods and cure the feet pains and conditions all naturally. Not only you’ll buy the ingredients for a song, but you’ll be amazed by how effective they are.