Shrink Bunions Without Surgery

It is important for all of us to have healthy feet. Any discomfort and deformity of the foot can affect its mobility and desire for activity. On the other hand оur feet bear a lot of burden and a lot of stress every day, because they carry the weight of the whole body. That is why the overall posture depends on the health of your feet and a timely reaction can prevent more serious problems. This deformity is expertly called Hallux valgus.

Hallux Valgus

A change that occurs at the root of the big toe. At first it is visible in a way that redness appears on the outside of the toe bone and mild pain when wearing closed shoes. Over time, the thumb changes position from side to side and squeezes the other fingers, and in most cases the thumb passes over the other finger. Then there is a painful bone displacement on the inside of the root of the thumb, ie Hallux valgus occurs and results in unpleasant and severe pain.

Their formation can also be affected by influenza, angina, poor metabolism, spinal deformities, poor diet, gout and rheumatic infections. However, they are mostly caused by uncomfortable shoes, so it is not surprising that they occur in over 80% of women.

Reduced movement of the toes and the foot as a whole in tight and high shoes leads to weakening of the foot muscles.

Weakness of muscles and connective tissue in combination with weight and load leads to disruption of the structure of the front of the foot, curvature of the toe and the formation of painful blisters. Combining several causes leads to growth and development of the deformation. If you recognize these symptoms and the first changes then it is the right time to wear a silicone aid. Do not hesitate, heal your feet and give them the necessary care.

How can you help reduce pain and correct the toe bone in its original and correct position?

In general, treatment can be with or without surgery. Surgical treatment is planned in those cases when there is great motivation in patients for surgery. Usually, strong and unbearable pain is the reason for this decision. In addition to the pain, patients sometimes opt for this procedure for aesthetic reasons, especially when they are female.

When it comes to non-surgical treatment, first of all, the first step is to change into tight shoes and high-heeled shoes. We advise wearing comfortable shoes with a wide front part and soft leather. Wearing good silicone pads in the shoes themselves is of great importance for the proper foot and the possibility of deformities.

Silicone aids can help reduce pain. They remove the discomfort of wearing shoes, prevent friction and the possibility of the foot moving. They move the thumb to its natural position, returning the bone to its correct position.

It also prevents further improper growth of the joint; reduces pressure and bruising of the joint; proven to relieve pain when walking; improves blood circulation and balance of the whole body.

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