Solve This Puzzle: How Many Squares do you See in the Picture?

Let’s awaken your logic and test your mathematical abilities. Do you want to solve mathematical logic problems? This puzzle is not so mathematical, we can say more that it is a logical task. Are you good at noticing details? This puzzle will give you the answer. Be careful, it looks simple, but the solution may surprise you. The brain needs to be exercised just like the body. According to experts, it improves memory, but also prevents some diseases, such as dementia. A good way to train your brain is by reading, learning foreign languages, but also solving math puzzles. Let your brain training today be exactly with this puzzle. Look at the picture and count the squares. How many squares do you see?


Let’s show your visual and logical abilities and answer how many squares you see in this picture. 1, 2, 5, 10 or maybe more than that? Number carefully and answer correctly!


Did you manage to find the correct answer? How many squares did you manage to find? If you failed to answer below you can find the correct answer.


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The correct answer to the question how many squares are in the picture is 11.



Congratulations to some of you who managed to find the right answer, your visual abilities are at a great level. Follow us for more such interesting puzzles and brainteasers.