Some Mind Blowing Tricks and Facts about how and why to Use Coconut Oil

Not only coconut oil is one of the healthiest replacements of every existing beauty treatment, regardless, it’s skin, nails or hair, it is excellent for the inner body as well, since it regulates the digestion, boosts the immune system, lowers the stress levels, regulates the cholesterol levels and alsoaids the weight loss process.

There you go, so coconut oil is undoubtedly useful for both the inner and outer body. In addition, it also stimulates the thyroid gland, balances the hormonal level and increases the energy level.

There are numerous treatment and using ways of coconut oil, not many of you are aware of, and here we will present some of the best among them.


  • It boosts the total inner and outer body welfare by only consuming two tablespoons of it every day. You can add it to your morning coffee or tea. If you consume it in the morning, as an addition to a glass of water, your fruit or vegetable smoothies, or a cup of coffee, regardless, it will also supply you with loads of energy that will keep you running during the whole day.


  • Unlike other oils, coconut oil is excellent when cooked at high heat. Therefore, it can be a replacement of the butter on the top of a toast, or come as a greatreplacement of the vegetable oil, when baking or frying something, even when baking cakes, buns, brownies or pies.


  • Dueto its great moisturizing properties, it serves great for the skin. It’s recommendable to apply it on the skin after getting out of the shower. Also, you can use it instead of a lip balm to moisturize your lips the natural way.


  • In addition to this it serves as a great aftershave lotion for men, to soothe the face skin in an effective manner.


  • It serves as a makeup remover too, at the same time hydrating the skin and leaving it moisturized. Also, it contributes to bigger, stronger and healthier looking eyelashes.


  • Not only it prevents from stretch marks to appear, but it also regenerates the itchy and dry skin, and reduces the visibility of the already present stretch marks only by massaging it well on the X spot.


  • Combined with some salt it makes for a great scrub which can be used to treat the feet, knees and elbows in removing the dead skin cells.


  • Other than the skin treatment, it also serves as a great teeth whitener and is mainly combined with a bit of baking soda in order to create a homemade toothpaste which will cleanse the full mouth and whiten the teeth at the same time. You can also practice swishing coconut oil and keep the teeth healthy every day ten minutes before brushing.


  • And when it comes to the hair treatment. Coconut oil serves as a great hair defrizzer. Just apply some coconut oil on the fingers and spread it through the hair. Also, it can be applied as a hair mask. Take some coconut oil in the hands and massage it well on the scalp and the total hair. It will regenerate the hair and will make up for accelerated hair growth, at the same time contributing for a natural hair glow and protect the thin hair.


  • If you want to contribute for a younger and fresher face look,apply some coconut oil on the cheekbones to highlight the area.


  • As every essential oil, coconut oil also has soothing and relaxing properties. Aromatherapy at the end of a long day is always welcome. It will help you relax every sense and take you easily to bed. It is also recommendable to be used in the morning, to awake all senses. Rub a bit of coconut oil on the hand, massage your face and mainly the temple area, around your eyes for a full relaxation.


  • And not only to humans, but coconut oil also does wonders to the animals’ health too. Don’t be afraid to introduce it to your pets. Try adding some of it in your pets’ food and contribute to its better health.

Leave your total body care in the hands of Nature and start by practicing these simple tricks. Coconut oil is only one part of the vast ocean of health products which contribute to a better and healthier you. Thanks to the unique combination of fatty acids which lead to profound positive effects on health it’s no wonder it’s titled as a “Superfood”, side by side with only few other foods found on Earth.