Stop Eating Meat and Starch Right Now if you Want to Stay Healthy

Proper food combining is essential to healthy digestion, and not following the principles to proper food combining can contribute to weak digestion, imbalanced inner ecosystems and bad health. In order for your organism to digest your food properly, it needs to have plenty of friendly microflora, or good bacteria. Learning and practicing the tricks of food combining will lead to better nutrient absorption, which leads to leaner body, increased levels of energy and strong immune system.

Why Is Food Combining So Important?

Different groups of food prompt the secretion of different enzymes in your stomach and each of those enzymes needs either acid or alkaline environment in order to break down your food. However, if acid and alkali come into contact in your organism they neutralize each other. Therefore, your stomach becomes neutral zone so it stalls the work of the enzymes and that disorders your whole digestive system.

How Is Meat and Potatoes a Bad Food Combination?

Meat and starch is a very popular food combination, but not many people know how harmful combining these two can be. Starch needs alkaline environment in order to digest, and meat needs acidic. If you combine meat and starch in your meals, your body will not be able to digest them properly which can cause many issues and difficulties.

Health Problems of Meat and Starch Combination

  • You will get unpleasant gasses, you will be bloated and your stomach will gurgle.


  • You might get a heartburn, digestive issues and acid reflux which can easily lead to overweight and obesity.


  • You will have less energy due to bad digestion, since all your glucose will be stored as fat instead of turning into energy.

How a Doctor Lost 50 Pounds in Just 3 Months by Not Combining Starch and Meat

This is an amazing personal story in which Dr. William Howard Hay, who is the founder of the Hay Diet, has lost 50 pounds in a short period of time. He stayed away from this food combination and he noticed that he brought back his optimal health level and lost a lot of weight. All his health problems connected to his weight were gone once he stopped eating potatoes and meat.

What You Should Do and Shouldn’t Do

When you eat proteins, which include meat, eggs, milk and dairy products, you should always combine them with non-starchy land or vegetables.

Contrary to that, when you eat grains and starchy vegetables combine them with non-starchy land or sea vegetables.

When you eat animal proteins, eggs, meat, fish or poultry, your stomach produces hydrochloric acid and pepsin, which is the enzyme that digests them in highly acidic conditions. But if you eat starchy vegetables like potatoes or yellow squash, your body produces ptyalin, which is an enzyme that is secreted in alkaline conditions and that is the ideal environment for it to do its job and break down the food properly.

Therefore, if you were not aware about this fact until now, you should start learning how to combine the food. That will help you in balancing your inner ecosystem and it will make it easy for your organism to absorb all the nutrients that you need in order for a perfect balance and great health.