Surprising Human Blood Facts You Should Know

Blood is the liquid that keeps us up and running. However, even though we can’t live without it, we still don’t know much about it. The human blood system is very complex and science is working hard on discovering new stuff about our blood all the time.

We know one thing – it’s the most important liquid in our body so we need to take care of our heart and cardiovascular system to prevent any problems. There are so many interesting facts about the human blood that we still can’t wrap our head around. Did you know that a man lived without a heart for nearly 2 years? Seems impossible, right?

Read this and other surprising human blood facts below.

Surprising Blood Facts We Should Know

  • It takes over 1,200,000 mosquitoes to drain an adult of all blood.
  • Humans can live without a pulse. In 2012, a heart patient received a sophisticated device that allowed blood to circulate through his body with no pulse.
  • The heart creates an astounding pressure to circulate blood that could release a stream that’s 30 feet high.
  • The man we mentioned above was Stan Larkin. Mr. Larkin lived without a heart for precisely 555 days. It was replaced with a device he carried around in a backpack. Surprisingly, he even played basketball with it.

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  • Did you know that our heartbeat affects our mood? Doctors noticed this when a heart patient was fitted with a mechanical heart – as soon as he received it, his thoughts, mood, and actions changed.
  • In 25 days, the amount of blood that passes through our bodies can fill a medium-sized pool.
  • Over 21% of heart attacks happen on Mondays. The second peak is on Fridays. According to scientists, this has something to do with stress hormones being released at the beginning of a week.
  • Blood plasma can be replaced by coconut water.
  • An adult human can lose 40% of his blood and still stay alive if he receives a timely blood transfusion.
  • People with blood type B are prone to pancreatic cancer and diabetes.
  • People with blood type A are more prone to cholesterol and cardiovascular problems.
  • If your blood type is O, you might be more prone to obesity and skin cancer.
  • People with blood type AB have higher chances of cognitive impairment.
  • No blood type diet works. Science has proven they are a myth.
  • Your blood type may determine your athletic performance. According to a 2017 study, people with blood type O have better stamina.
  • Our blood type may determine our personality. In Japan, people believe that blood type determines their traits. The Japanese country has developed a full industry of goods based on blood types.

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  • Because of the high caffeine content, energy drinks can change our heartbeat. They might even cause seizures and death.
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  • Waking up slowly in the morning and reducing the intensity of evening workouts can reduce the risk of heart attack.
  • Science has found a link between spouses’ blood type and percentage of divorces. In simpler terms, our blood groups may be a reason for divorce.