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Extract from the Green Amaranth Plant May be a Potential Remedy for Diabetes

Green Amaranth Nutritional Value Many people have never heard of the green amaranth plant, but it’s a tremendous herb that abounds in a number of health benefits. It’s an edible leafy veggie, native to subtropical and tropical regions. It can be eaten raw or cooked and it’s abundant in antioxidants, phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins. All of these beneficial nutrients contribute towards the promotion of our overall health. Green Amaranth contains the following nutrients: Vitamin C Vitamin A Potassium Niacin Magnesium Thiamine Phosphorus Sodium Riboflavin 100gr of green amaranth contain 3gr…

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These Berries May Be the Perfect Diabetes Remedy

Can We Prevent Diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is pretty common nowadays. The number of insulin resistant people is constantly on the rise due to the obesity epidemic. It’s all because of our diet. We eat way too much processed food and consume amounts of sugar that may eventually kill us. The good news is that diabetes can be prevented and all we need to do are a few lifestyle and dietary changes. It all boils down to losing weight. Eat a healthy diet and you’ll start dropping pounds soon, provided…

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A Tablespoon of ACV for a Month Can Help You Defeat These Health Problems

Vinegar is a product that has been used for millennia. It’s an ancient remedy that was discovered completely by accident. It can be made from almost any veggie or fruit that can be fermented, including apples, grapes, potatoes, dates, beets and even coconut. At first people didn’t know its power so they mainly used it as a food preservative. But with time, they discovered its many health properties and we’re still using it to this day. In this article we want to focus on the power of ACV, the most…

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15 Amazing Health Benefits From “Malunggay” Leaves

This plant is known as “Malunggay” at the Philippines, while in different areas of the world, it is familiar also as Ben Oil Tree, Horse Radish Tree, Moringa and Drumstick Tree. The Mallunggay has white trunk, can grow maximum to 9 meters high and has a compound leaf each with 4-9 leaflets. It also has white fragrant flowers that produce long pods with three-angled winged seeds. In the past this plant was considered to be “poor man’s vegetable”, but actually the Malunggay contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins, so…

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