What does True Friendship Mean?

True friendships are a real gift and a precious possession. They are the ones that are acquired once and nurtured for life. Close friends share their experiences and in a way become part of each other’s lives. They often have similar views, attitudes and values, and sometimes share origins and traditions. They witness the ups and downs of life and the unexpected changes that take place in it. In contrast, people who do not have close friends often experience the vulnerability of loneliness, a specific condition that most of us…

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Rejected Tiger Cub finds a New Friend in Cute Puppy

Nature constantly amazes us with its variety. There have been numerous stories of unusual friendships such as a lion and elephant, a car and a mouse, or even a tiger cub with a pup. These close alliances remind us that we should embrace diversity as nature intended. We’ve grown used to seeing two animals from the same species spend time together, but it’s still a bit surprising when you see different species bond. Take this tiger cub for example. After being rejected by his mother at the Farm Inn Wildlife…

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Not Everyone At Your Workplace Is Your Friend

Social relationships are a good sign for the happiness of employees at work. Despite the direct link between social interaction and the positive effects on our well-being, the stigmas and concerns that traditionally surround personal relationships at work can make navigation friendships in the professional sphere a little confusing. Although uncomfortable, this combination makes sense. Just as companies want to promote productivity and success, they also rightly want to prevent inappropriate behavior. Anxiety, favoritism, abuse of authority, and conflict of interest are examples of the negative aspects that can result…

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